How to arrange furniture can make a good home

The arrangement of furniture in the home will influence the nature of the decoration. It also determines the accessibility and functionality of the furniture. Planning ahead can escape messy arrangements. Although the layout varies from room to room, there are some points that are common to all rooms. I am using this space to share my ideas about furniture arrangement […]

The German Shrug – Popular Models

Made of solid mahogany, the Bauhaus cabinets are an elite model. Incorporating this exclusive type of furniture brings a unique style and feel to the interior of your home or living room. Included with this approximately seven-inch antique cabinet are metal handles, steel legs, swing doors, and glass and/or wood shelves. In addition, the cabinet contains a retractable section on […]

Get rid of your debt fast…and what to do when you’re free

Research estimates that all Americans owe more than $7,000 on their credit cards alone, and the average general debt loan per person is more than $15,000. Furthermore, all college graduates are already saddled with loans in excess of $35,000 when they leave college. Do the statistics surprise you? Most of you owe thousands of dollars worth of debt. And every […]

Video marketing: look to the future

It’s 2017 and the world has gone digital. Video marketing has slowly but surely become the go-to medium for promoting a brand. Social media platforms are dominating the market when it comes to video sharing. Consumers are increasingly interested in learning about a product before buying it or learning about a service. A well-crafted video goes a long way in […]

Fun facts about exercise

We all know the importance of adding a little exercise to our daily routine. Why then do seven out of 10 of us not? I don’t know about you, but for me the answer is simple: exercising is hard! I hate taking time away from the fun things in life to throw on a pair of spandex shorts and sweat […]

Challenges and Opportunities for Fostering School Success

Three realities emerging from recent research indicate that we need to focus our attention on low-income children before they enter school: (a) poverty among young children is intensifying; (b) poverty coupled with other risk factors, such as chronic neighborhood violence and the high stress of urban life, places young children at high risk for negative outcomes; and (c) early intervention […]