Using our relationship for personal growth

Relationships are a key element in most people’s lives. As John Donne said so movingly at the end of the 16th century: “No man is an island.” These words are still valid today. However, until now, most people have not learned how to have successful relationships and still feel complete about themselves. Relationships are challenging because they involve two different […]

The Jabbawockeez

I watched the hottest thing I’ve seen on TV in years the other night: the finale of American’s Best Dance Crew. If you want to instill nationalism in today’s youth and fight their disenchantment, simply promote shows like American’s Best Dance Crew. America is a mixture of many cultures and the people of each geographic region have various characteristics. I […]

The best laptops for programming

Your standard laptop doesn’t look like it used to, either, with dozens of convertible designs that redesign the standard cover to take advantage of touch interfaces. Some laptops double as tablets, with hinges that fold and fold, while other touch-enabled PCs are actually slate tablets that come with hardware keyboards for laptop-like use. There is simply too much variety in […]

The advantages and disadvantages of corporate financial reports

Corporate financial reports are part of corporate reporting consisting of financial statements and accompanying notes that are prepared in accordance with Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP). Financial statements are summaries of business transactions during the corporation’s financial year. The business world has many forms of organizations ranging from for-profit sole proprietorships, partnerships, and limited liability incorporated companies to nonprofit organizations […]

How to increase the value of your business

There are many ways to increase your sales and grow your business, no matter the size of your budget. However, increasing the value of your business on a tight budget can be daunting. Because it’s a challenge to increase your sales while keeping advertising and marketing in check. It’s easy to open an online business and start selling. Therefore, there […]

Marino Restrepo – A story of Catholic conversion

Introduction Marino Restrepo is an international lay missionary who has been preaching the Gospel message throughout the world for more than ten years. He works in full obedience to his bishop and spiritual confessor and is in full communion with the vicar of Christ on earth in his prophetic teachings, which is an important and essential sign of the presence […]

The nutritional benefits of potassium citrate

Potassium citrate is a macromineral/salt that can be found in many foods. The mineral helps reduce the acidity of urine. It is often used in the treatment of kidney diseases and gout. It works by helping to transmit nerve impulses, improving muscle function, and treating various metabolic disorders. Potassium citrate also helps with muscle contractions such as cardiac, skeletal, and […]

I write the book on cold calling!

“If you put enough monkeys on typewriters,” said one of my consulting clients in a seminar with me, “sooner or later one of them will come up with WAR AND PEACE.” I was predicting that with so many people doing phone sales, telemarketing, lead generation, appointment setting, telesales, phone solicitations, inside sales, or whatever you want to call it; at […]