Easy tricks on how to make an 18 month old baby sleep

The sight of a little boy sleeping is heavenly. After a day filled with lots of laughs, hugs, kisses, and snacks, a tired toddler should go to bed and sleep. This is not the case sometimes. Parents who have thanked their lucky stars that the era of sleepless nights is finally over may be surprised.

When a baby has passed the sleep regression phases, surprisingly due to the increase in hormones as the young child grows, there may be new outbursts of this phase. Getting an 18-month-old to sleep through the night can turn into an ordeal.

sleep regression

All babies go through a period of sleep regression many times during their infancy. The 18-month sleep regression phase is considered the worst by far. If your friends are parents, have you ever asked them how to get your 18-month-old to sleep fast? For many reasons, the worst phase is justified because your baby may refuse to sleep during the day or night.

This phase usually only lasts 2 to 6 weeks. It may seem more challenging as your baby becomes more vocal about his wishes. Don’t worry as this period will not last forever and you will soon be enjoying those long and peaceful dreams again.

Helpful tips for sleeping

If, like many parents, you’re wondering how to get an 18-month-old to sleep in a jiffy, here are some helpful tips:

1. Do not excite your child a few hours before bedtime.

2. Make sure to limit your toddler’s sugar intake near bedtime, as that can give her a sugar rush. The sugar rush will make him / her refuse to sleep.

3. Keep the bedtime ritual as usual. Do not make significant changes to it as that can confuse a child very quickly.

4. Give your child a good warm bath.

5. Massage your baby’s legs to relax him.

The new changes can affect a baby’s sleep cycle.

Frustrated parents are always wondering how to make an 18-month-old fall asleep after he has woken up in the middle of the night for no reason. The cycle can seem endless as the toddler keeps waking up after an hour or another.

You can always keep in mind if there have been any new changes in your young child’s life. A recent disturbance or change can affect a child’s sleep cycle or cause anxiety. Adding a new sibling to the family or potty training can be stressful for young children.

Try to calm your toddler and fill him with affection and attention. 6 weeks of disturbed sleep can drive any parent crazy. Some parents are fortunate to never have to experience sleep regression cycles with any of their children.

Getting an 18-month-old to sleep can be a challenge for all parents. But once the little boy has gone to sleep, mom and dad can’t help but look at their little angel, waiting to hug him as soon as he wakes up.

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