Electric car parts: what are the main parts of electric car driving systems?

Electric cars are different from fuel powered cars. They have a simpler driving system that gives these cars the necessary energy to roll through the streets for a reasonable time. Whether it’s a golf cart, RV, trike, or any other electric powered vehicle, your system should have the three main parts of the electric car, the motor, the controller, and the battery.

The electric motor is the most important of all the electric car parts in your vehicle. It is the part responsible for the propulsion of the car and it comes in three popular types, the DC coil, the permanent magnet DC and the AC motor. AC is the most complex but it is the most efficient at the same time. It is usually used in these vehicles that need extra power to move and climb steep hills. On the other hand, DC winding is the simplest and easiest electric motor to install, but it produces less power than AC. It is sometimes preferred due to its lower cost.

Number two in the important parts of the electric car is the battery. While some cars use standard car batteries as a power source, more advanced cars use Ni batteries as a more efficient power source that provides additional range of operation for the vehicle. They require less time to charge and provide more power for the connected motor.

The third part of the electric car parts is the controller and this part is responsible for power management, it detects the amount of power needed by the motor and supplies it directly from the batteries to make the car move. The controller is very important because it synchronizes the operation of both the motor and the battery.

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