How to be a great homeschool dad when you didn’t like school

Some parents hated school and maybe they didn’t even finish it. Others endured her education but did not enjoy it. The public school system hasn’t really improved over the years, or there wouldn’t be as many parents choosing homeschooling. How to homeschool a child when he was not enjoying school? Obviously, you probably want a better learning model for your child than the one you had. Here are some suggestions for being a great homeschool parent:

1. Educate yourself. Read books and articles on homeschooling. Talk to other successful homeschoolers. How do you know they are successful homeschoolers? Do you like to be around your children? So they have probably done a good job teaching and interacting with their children.

2. Get a support system. Sometimes a good support system can consist of a supportive spouse and a few good homeschooling friends. Sometimes you need a homeschooling support group or a homeschooling cooperative to get the support you need. Each person is individual and needs a different amount of support. You will have to decide that for yourself. If you join a homeschooling support group, make sure you can focus on the homeschooling materials you are using.

Sometimes when you find out what materials others are using, it can be easy to get swayed and switch curricula just because someone else is using it. Some groups are better than others. Just be sure to assess that the group is providing you with the support you need without compromising your values. Support groups work best when everyone does their part. Contribute to the group, but don’t burn out either.

3. Take care of your children. How do they play? What do they like to do? Do you prefer to complete workbooks or create your own books? What is your learning style? Do they like to be read to while playing or do they prefer to read the book themselves? Do they need to be shown how to do something or can you just tell them how to do something and they will understand? There are many other questions you can ask yourself in this regard that will help you assess how your children learn best and then work with them accordingly.

With the right attitude and support, anyone can be a great homeschooling parent. You know and love your children better than anyone. Sometimes when people have a bad experience at school, they are even more determined to provide a great environment for their children.

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