How to Burn PS3 Games to DVD – What You Need

When you first look at how to burn games to DVD, you are flooded with options. The best part of this process is that you don’t need a ton of equipment and you don’t need to take your PS3 apart to complete the process. It’s all done on your PC and you can have great working copies of your games in no time. You need the right equipment to learn how to burn DVD games first and foremost.

So what equipment do I need to burn PS3 games to DVD?

The first thing you need are blank DVDs to rip and burn your games. The better the quality of the blank DVD, the better the copy. Don’t spend money on these, as it will be your only real expense. Good quality DVDs will make excellent copies.

Next, you will need a computer that has a DVD burner. This is the way you actually burn PS3 games to your blank discs. Some computers have a faster speed than others, and this will be the main factor in the time it takes to copy games. Faster speeds mean faster recording of your games.

Next, and most importantly, you will need good quality PS3 game copy software. This is software that allows you to copy the games so that the PS3 allows you to play them. Good game copy software will cost you a few bucks up front, but it will save you a million times your money in the long run. Usually after just one or two repurchased games, you’ve spent more than you would on good solid PS3 game copy software.

Your alternative awaits you!

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