How your choice of cars reflects your personality

Cars have become an integral part of our society. Thought to be used as a tool to get from point A to point B, automobiles have extended their use in today’s society.

This article discusses a few points about car selection and personality. Cars have long ceased to be tools that take us from one point to another and have become symbols of status and a reflection of the values ​​and personality of the driver.

People often judge a person by the car they drive. If he’s getting out of a Bentley, for example, he’ll get a lot of respect from just about anyone who sees him get out of the car.

The condition and appearance of your car has spread the mantra of your discipline by reflecting on how you wear your clothes. Being seen parking a dirty car is equivalent to going to the office in a scruffy suit. Similarly, stepping out of an impeccably detailed car is the polished and proper look many office executives are known for.

In fact, nowadays what you drive adds more to your reputation than what you wear. Studies have shown that wrinkles are more reflective of a person’s personality than clothing. Cars have ceased to become tools and have transcended into the realm of lifestyle.

Playboys want fast-looking coupes, while dads opt to buy minivans. Buicks are said to cater to less internet-savvy drivers compared to Honda, which has an overwhelmingly digital-age buyer group.

This trend even goes to driving trends. Sports car owners tend to be a little less patient at stoplights than truck drivers. The gigantic proportions of some SUVs tend to cause their owners to intimidate smaller vehicles in rush hour traffic.

Brands like Lexus tend to be bought by wealthy, well-educated owners. Aside from that demographic, the brand primarily caters to married couples. This reflects stability and a more settled personality for buyers.

Your choices in the car you drive largely reflect your personality. Stop thinking of your car as something that takes you from one place to another but be very careful when choosing your car. You may not think it matters, but your peers will measure your personality in the car you drive.

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