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Must See Top 10 Vacation Spots

If a vacation is in your near future here are the top 10 vacation spots consider. Although it is still winter, many people are taking last minute vacations or planning summer trips in the coming months. Right now is one of the best times to travel because it’s still quite winter so lots of savings are available.

Resorts in the Maldives.

For a romantic getaway, planning a retreat to the Maldives should not be overlooked. There are hundreds to choose from, each offering a unique experience not to mention the white-sand beaches and on-site spas. One of the most popular resorts is The Taj Exotica Resort & Spa, where visitors can choose from one of 64 ocean-view villas. Here you can escape to a tropical paradise, enjoy private dining, and take advantage of private or group massages and other spa treatments. The villas have a wide range of amenities such as satellite cable, Internet connection and large screen televisions. Maldives covers approximately 26 atolls and there are more than 1,000 small islands that offer getaway packages. A closer look at what resorts in the Maldives have to offer will show why they made the top 10 vacation spots ready.

Tuscan Cuisine Holidays

This idea is a bit out of the ordinary, but for something different and unique, a culinary holiday in Tuscany can offer visitors a unique opportunity to enjoy the Italian countryside, towns and wine routes. There are dozens of hotels and villas offering comfort and a relaxed environment where you and your guests can take guided tours of the surrounding towns and villages and learn about local history and embark on wine tasting events. All trips include hands-on cooking classes and meals are prepared by vacationers. Cooking classes are taught by some of Italy’s most infamous master chefs.

Rocky Town of Chattanooga

For a vacation that incorporates the outdoors, shopping, cocktails, and live entertainment, Chattanooga Rock City seemingly has it all. Those who have visited rave about being able to see 7 different states in panoramic view. Every month Rock City hosts a host of activities and attractions including Earth Dayz, The Bloom Festival and Rocktoberfest. Here vacationers can start numerous adventures from all over the world; in a minute you can celebrate Irish heritage and enjoy delicious Irish food and green beer. During other months, German food, music and beer are celebrated. Christmas time is also a holiday in Rock City and many flee to this area to enjoy the festivities of the Enchanted Garden of Lights with Santa Claus and enjoy an LED light show.

Cinque Terre

Cinque Terre is also known as the Cinque Terre and millions of tourists flock each year to this area which actually includes five small towns. For hiking enthusiasts, there is no other place where they can witness such beautiful mountain views, lavish vineyards, and enjoy a mirage of local cuisine while visiting with the locals. The five separate trails that are usually hiked over a couple of days equate to an 11-kilometre journey that begins in the city of Riomaggiore and ends in the picturesque town of Monterosso. Along the way there are wine tastings, shopping, and plenty of outdoor activities to partake in while admiring the stunning views. Accommodation includes cute and comfortable villas and a variety of hostels which can be found at bargain prices at this time of year. There are also many guided tours available for visitors.

Villa Caprice, Barbados

This is a vacation spot that is perfect whether you are planning a family retreat or a romantic vacation for two. What better way to spend a vacation than walking along the stunning sandy beaches along the Caribbean Ocean and gazing at the stars at night? At Villa Caprice, each guest is treated like family and each room is equipped with an alarm and 24-hour on-site management staff to assist with any services he may need during his stay. The rooms are fully equipped for meal preparation or you can step out onto one of the many social terraces and enjoy an outdoor barbecue, dance with the local disc jockeys, or take a dip in the pools if the ocean gets too cold. Local towns just a few miles away, like Speightstown, offer countless day and night activities, including water parks and shops, as well as grocery stores and laundromats.

Atlantic Casino and Resort

The Atlantic Resort and Casino is a vacation that can be taken as a family, alone, or as a fun getaway with your partner. Located in the Bahamas, it offers miles of beach to relax and sunbathe, as well as having more than 11 different slide parks and numerous lagoons to discover. With over 20,000 rooms to choose from, there are also child care centers so parents can enjoy some grown-up time in the casino or dip their toes in the ocean with cocktails. Shopping and sightseeing abound here, too, and the hotel, which recently upgraded its $850 million resort area amenities, promises that the marine shows will be a winning experience for animal and sea lovers.


Nestled in the Santa Cruz Mountains, CordeValle is the perfect vacation for those who want a good balance between relaxation and plenty of adventure. Many of the rooms offer such things as in-room Jacuzzis and a number of unique and relaxing spa treatments and services. With 45 different rooms to choose from, ranging from basic to totally divine and distinctive, guests can take part in the area’s nightlife and excursions. Hike a few miles one day and enjoy a game of tennis on the local courts the next. Shop what you want or play a few rounds of 18 hole golf. No matter what your tastes, there is plenty to do in the CordeValle.

Clayoquot Wilderness Resort, Canada

This Canadian getaway is perfect for those who are campers at heart but still want to pamper themselves. Located in the town of Tofino in British Columbia, outdoor-focused folks will love the heated campgrounds where they can pitch their tents, indulge in on-site spa services, and take in the rustic views and landscaping. peaceful. To escape the cool weather, sit in the heated saunas and hot tubs while enjoying a glass of wine. Later, you can soak up the sun on one of the many terraces before heading to the city’s shopping venues, where there are many 5-star restaurants to choose from. Canada has seen a drop in visitor numbers this year, so many of the sites have incredible discounts and deals for those who want to take an adventure-filled vacation.

New York

If your plan is to stay closer to home, New York City is among one of the best places to vacation. Although you won’t get an ocean view or a tropical paradise, this city has plenty of things to see and do that are less navigable but equal in comparison. Nightlife in New York never dies and there are plenty of cultural sightseeing adventures to take part in, as well as museums, Broadway shows and shopping. Some of the city’s most iconic sites include the 9/11 Memorial, the Chrysler Building, Radio City Music Hall, and the Statue of Liberty. In the city that never sleeps, even a week’s trip won’t expose visitors to all that this city has to offer culturally and visually.

old Port

It’s no secret that Puerto Rico is a fabulous vacation spot if you know where to go. This year, why not try the picturesque town of Puerto Viejo, where accommodation is very affordable and the streets are lively and full of musicians. Sit on a beautiful terrace and enjoy reggae music while dining on spicy local food and drinking cocktails or spend the day on the sandy beaches and take part in a guided tour of the rainforests. The Gandoca-Manzanillo Wildlife Refuge and Cahuita National Park are also nearby and vacationers can take a solo or guided hiking tour and see some of Puerto Rico’s most amazing wildlife and endangered species.

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