11 tips for an organized job search

So, are you looking for a new job? You may be making a voluntary career transition. Maybe they fired you, or worse, they fired you. Regardless of the reason for your career change, one fact remains true: If you are conducting a job search, it is vital that you take an organized approach. Managing this search is like managing any […]

Use creativity in a constructive way possible

When we are full of ideas, we have a permanent need to use our creativity in the most constructive way possible. We need to put these thoughts and concepts into practice in a way that we previously did not imagine or believe was possible, and implement these strategies that we feel so strongly about and are so important to us. […]

Nutrisystem Vs Buy Lean Kitchen

The other day, I got an email from someone asking me if buying frozen meals like Lean Cuisine or Smart Plates from the grocery store would produce the same weight loss results as the Nutrisystem diet. He perceived that frozen meals were cheaper, although he suspected they weren’t going to give such drastic results. Still, I was hoping I could […]

US Federal Compliance Easier: Know Your Agency

Saving time, money, intangible corporate resources, and even the ‘Machiavellian Litigation Tangle’ can be maximized if the Corporate Counsel takes the time to make the investment and establish relationships with US regulatory agencies. US agencies are not as far removed and unaware of the day-to-day regulatory problems that many corporations are experiencing as might be thought. Current regulatory environment – […]

You can herd cats and vendors

Anti-cat people, like I once was, face the challenge of feline independence and the seemingly impossible task of training them. The training and herding of top sales producers and cats are not much different, but both are doable. The other day, I worked from the nearly empty patio of a local restaurant enjoying the warm spring sun and a glass […]

Can I get a reverse mortgage on a manufactured home?

Manufactured homes have gained popularity since 2008 and are a common housing option for seniors. However, there seems to be a lot of confusion as to whether these types of properties qualify for reverse mortgage assistance. So they? Or do you demand the characteristics of your specific home? The rebound These types of homes have seen a massive resurgence in […]

Pot CEO offers $ 10k reward to bring Lebron to its Comic-Con booth

BudTrader Exec is determined to show Lebron the BudTrader experience and ask the new Laker some pointed questions. SAN DIEGO, CA – July 16 – BudTrader CEO Brad McLaughlin aims to deliver the most exaggerated party experience imaginable at San Diego Comic-Con International. The cannabis tech entrepreneur will offer $ 10,000 to anyone who can get NBA superstar Lebron James […]