Toxic Hunger Vs True Hunger – The Neverending Cycle and the Signs

You have just finished a meal and soon after you feel: Dizzy stomach growling Headache stomach cramps Tremors, tiredness, weakness Irritability esophageal spasms inability to concentrate These symptoms are generally the sensations that we interpret as hunger. These uncomfortable symptoms can be experienced to different degrees by different people. And for many people, these uncomfortable symptoms are the downfall of […]

satellite tv for laptop

Many times, people wonder what the hell technology and creativity is doing in the world every time a new innovation is released that is not only a huge success but also a breakthrough like portable satellite TV. It is encouraging and heartening to find that the days of incurring huge bills for television, cable and satellite services are quickly fading […]

Ready With Filing Your Intellectual Property Application: Consider These Three Parameters

While doing research and development, we often found some creative ideas, processes and concepts that don’t exist. As an inventor, you are entitled to enjoy all the benefits of what you have invented and obtaining a patent can give you the legal protection for it. Since US patent law switched to first-to-file, first-to-invent in 2013, you need to be very […]

Interiors of country houses on the coastal beach

The Coastal Cottage Beach House is a sanctuary of warmth, comfort and serenity, simple and understated yet alive with its creative design elements. An exciting combination of farmhouse and coastal design that blends elements of old world rustic charm and clean new lines, using natural reclaimed wood, grounding metal, and distressed antique furniture to give your home a clean, earthy […]