6 fascinating stories behind the names of six NFL teams

Have you ever seen pirates while spending time in Tampa Bay? Probably not. Regional pirate legends influenced the team that became the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. A special board reviewed 400 options for team names, before settling on “Buccaneers.” Every NFL has a story behind its name. While the origin of some names is self-explanatory, others are more legendary or obscure: […]

Escape to gain safety

In the last article in this series, “Don’t Be Prey,” we looked at what you do to lower your chances of being the victim of a violent crime. Now we will see how you can handle a situation that turns violent and survive. This will not be your standard mace approach to facing, raping, whistling and yelling. NO! A street […]

Apple Watch review

At the beginning of the year, Apple tried to fully open the doors and put the smartwatch in the must-have zone, thus generating significant interest in this new device. While Pebble is all about functionality and simplicity, the Apple Watch feels much friendlier and tries to engage people, not just being a passive device that you remember only when you […]

Fantasy Football Draft Picks: To Trade Or Not To Trade?

Trading draft order picks can be an interesting conundrum for many fantasy football players. This short article describes what it means to trade selections, why people do it, and when it makes sense for them to do it. Of course, this only applies to the traditional snake eraser format. Receiving your fantasy football draft pick is an exciting and sometimes […]

Anna Maria Island, Florida – Interesting Facts

Anna Maria Island, on the west coast of Florida near the mouth of Tampa Bay, has been a popular beach vacation destination for more than 100 years. More than 100,000 visitors annually enjoy the island’s beaches and relish its old Florida corporate free attitude. If you are planning a trip to AMI, or have already been there, you may want […]

Lyonesse mythology

Cornwall, which resides in the extreme south-west of the United Kingdom, stands sublime and majestic in the middle of the turbulent waters of the Atlantic. It is a land rich in mysteries, folklore, myths and legends. For thousands of years romantic tales have been told about elves, fairies, mermaids; Arthurian legends; smugglers, pirates and shipwrecks, spiritual ley lines, sacred stones, […]