Hit the links on VenturaCountyWest

Choose from five public golf courses with spectacular ocean and mountain views in the Ventura CountyWest cities: Camarillo, Oxnard and Ventura. All are an hour’s drive north of Los Angeles, but feel a million miles away, especially when paired with local pubs and restaurants. Fortune Arrive early in town for a hearty breakfast at Pete’s Breakfast House, known for its […]

Top 10 Will Smith movies

There was a time when at least one Will Smith movie could be trusted to make it to the big screen every year, but it’s been pretty quiet in front of Will Smith since 2008. Although not in front of the camera, Smith he’s been busy behind him, helping produce his son Jaden’s film “The Karate Kid.” But the good […]

The Pros and Cons of Help Desk Outsourcing

Help desk outsourcing for customer service or technical support is an option for many companies, including those on the Internet, who have limited staff or want to provide service and support twenty-four hours a day. Small businesses or home-based businesses that have a number of employees or no employee has special challenges in meeting the needs of your customers and […]

The Fuel and Electric Showdown

The history of the automobile emphasizes luxury, comfort and aesthetics over performance, power, speed and safety. This is true for your original need: transportation and transportation. However, if we consider buying a car with more horsepower that is safe for everyday use and offers more mileage, gasoline cars are the best option, both for roads and racetracks. The theory is […]

Changing our labels! Eliminating limiting beliefs that no longer serve us

As we go through our life experiences, the people we interact with define us. Our parents, our friends, our teachers, our authority figures, and anyone we communicate with begin to place us in personal, social, economic, religious, and sexual classifications, labels, and stereotypes. As human beings, there seems to be a need to define and classify every person, place, and […]

Buy from Japanese and German exporters

With the euro falling nearly 15% this year and a two-year low against the US dollar, the world’s largest exporting nation deserves a good look. So is another country that has prosperous exports despite a stronger currency. We are talking about Japan and Germany, respectively, the second and third largest economies in the world. The top lines of the major […]

Bodybuilding: myths and facts

If you have spent any time reading or talking to people about bodybuilding, it is almost inevitable that you have come across one of these bodybuilding myths. There are several bodybuilding myths floating around out there, and not a week goes by that I don’t hear a new one emerge with almost no scientific merit behind it. Read on to […]

When you have to read faster than normal, 17 tips

Here are seventeen systems, methods, approaches. System one. The easiest and least painful way to read faster is to think that way and act accordingly, really striving to read faster. Just scroll the page a little faster each time you read a book, magazine, or publication. It works well when you’re queuing at the grocery store, waiting at the doctor’s […]