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Penis pain massage – a real delight

One of the drawbacks of being a man is that, at least occasionally, a guy is likely to end up with penile pain. Sometimes that sore penis is the result of partner-based action, sometimes solo, and sometimes the result of an external injury unrelated to sexual activity. Whatever the cause, using massage techniques to treat penile pain can be very effective and rewarding. As a bonus, it can even be beneficial for penis health.

overall massage

Most people have experienced some type of general massage, such as the very popular back massage. The theory behind a massage is simple: by rubbing and stimulating stiff or sore muscles, the person loosens tension and stimulates blood flow to the area, creating a relaxing physical state that is pleasurable and rejuvenating for the body part in question. .

penis massage

A penis massage is really no different, except that given the nature of the muscle being massaged, it is more likely to lead to sexual arousal.

This is not to say that penile massages cannot be performed for a non-sexual purpose: some massage therapists perform this type of massage without concern for arousal and with no intention of continuing the massage to help the man achieve release. .

However, in most cases, a man receives a penis massage from a partner or a professional for a sexual purpose. In fact, some forms of tantric massage are reputed to help a man develop greater control over his erection and ejaculation.


Penis massage can be accomplished in a number of ways, but here are some common steps that are usually followed:

– Shower. It is often a good idea to enjoy a warm, relaxing shower or bath before your massage. This helps prepare the body for the massage experience.

– Stay naked. After toweling off, the recipient must remain nude; in many cases the masseuse will also take off her clothes.

– Spend some time together. A penis massage is a bonding experience as well as a sexual experience. Partners should spend time gently exploring each other physically in a way that is comfortable for both of them. The goal is not to achieve sexual arousal but to connect with each other on both a physical and emotional level; Delicacy and a slow pace are advised.

– Position yourself. The recipient must lie on their back; he may want a pillow under his head and/or hips. Both partners should engage in some deep breathing exercises.

– Start the massage. The masseur should slowly explore each part of the penis and testicles. He begins by gently touching all the areas in question. He goes on to gently take the testicles in his hands and rub them. Gently grasp the shaft of the penis and squeeze it, letting the grip go up and down the shaft. Be sure to pay attention to the head as well. The masseur must vary the pressure and speed of the caresses to provide a relaxing and erotic experience.

– Whatever comes. The massage experience can result in an ejaculation; if this happens, celebrate it. If not, rejoice in the sensual experience it has given you.

An erotic massage can relieve penis pain, but there is not always time to devote to this activity. Fortunately, a man can always turn to a top-notch penis health cream. (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) to address the pain of the tool. However, it is crucial that the chosen cream includes a high-end emollient (such as shea butter) AND a natural moisturizer (vitamin E, for example). It is also advisable to select a cream that contains acetyl L-carnitine; This neuroprotective ingredient is excellent for helping to restore sensitivity to the penis, which can be damaged by aggressive handling of the member.

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