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PUA College Game is VERY different from Cold Approach Pick Up

If you’re a college pua, I hope you’re already aware of the information I’m about to share with you… if not, not only haven’t you gotten the results you really deserve in college, but you’re massacring your social value in college. campus using his on-campus recruiting tactics.

The college game is nothing like traditional cold-focus picking. Let’s take a closer look at the traditional cold meet first: When you approach a woman in the traditional cold meet, it’s largely assumed that you’ve never met her before. No one in the club really knows each other. If she rejects you, it doesn’t matter because you will never see her again. You only have a limited amount of time to let her get to know you, so you try to show more value as much as you can so that she wants to get to know you better.

You probably know that none of this is true in a college setting. In college, everyone knows someone who knows you. You’ve seen a lot of the girls you approach before, and as a result, have a reputation that either helps your game or kills it. If she rejects you, your social value goes down and there is nothing you can do about it. You have four years to meet many of the girls. If you shove a bunch of DHV stories down his throat, it sounds like you’re trying hard.

So why is the college game different from the traditional game? Because the university is like a big tribe, and the real world is not. The rules of the tribe are different.

Think about it… How long do you think Mystery could get away with his tactics in a tribe of cavemen ten thousand years ago? He might have gotten some action once or twice, but sooner or later all the women would reject him and eventually the true alpha males of the tribe would have kicked him out.

Ten thousand years ago, the mystery would have been a wandering nomad somewhere in the desert…

Being social and getting girls was never about using tactics and snatching girls. It’s about being a cool and fun leader of the group. It is about contributing to the group and taking care of everyone in it.

The social circle game is all about positioning. It is possible to position yourself within a social scene so that you are the high status leader and all the hottest girls flock to you. No pick up line required…EVER.

The cold approach is great, but it has a time and a place. When I first discovered the community, I thought I would continue with everything. It isn’t, and thinking that way is very detrimental to your long-term success.

Cold approach in college makes you look bad for several reasons. The most important is that a truly pre-selected alpha male does not go after girls. The girls chase after him. The very act of approaching a cold girl on campus is a gigantic DLV. At best you seem like a shoddy player, at worst you seem desperate.

It is very abnormal for a girl to talk to a boy who is outside her social group. Even if you have enough game to lure her in, college girls have an extra defense system. Unlike women in the real world, they are very concerned with maintaining their reputation within the social group. It’s not socially acceptable for her to play with a random guy she doesn’t know. The simple fact that you are a random guy triggers her defense.

The guys who get the most girls in college aren’t random pua ​​dudes. He is the guy who knows EVERYONE. Building a great social circle is critical in the college game. The fact is, you’ve probably played the social circle game before, but back then you weren’t that good at it. Building a social circle has now become a science. You can get more information about it on my website.

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