Questions and answers: How to dress with crutches?

Dress up and crutches? It doesn’t sound like a match made in heaven. But who says you can’t look good on crutches? Find out what works and what doesn’t as we answer some of your wardrobe questions.

What is the easiest way to dress?

If there is no one to help out, the best way is to lie down in bed. Never try to dress while standing or using crutches because you risk falling and doing more damage to the injured foot.

Can I wear high heels?

In terms of skill, you definitely can, but we advise against using one, especially if you are using traditional axillary crutches. You need as much balance as you can, and the hard cast gives you extra weight. So before you put on those heels, consider the risk of twisting your good ankle or landing on your injured leg. After all, it is not a good thought.

Can I wear jeans?

Of course, as long as it is not too tight. You should be able to easily slide your injured foot and you should be able to sit, bend, and walk comfortably with it.

I’m going to a fancy dinner, should I wear a long dress or a short dress?

Either would be fine, but shorter dresses (think knee length) work better. Avoid dressing in floor-length gowns, as crutches can snag on them, which can cause your gown to tear or worse, lead to a fall. Be sure to wear something with sleeves or add a cardigan to act as a shock absorber to avoid rubbing and irritating your skin from the contact of the crutches. Better yet, let go of the crutches and step in with an alternate device like the hands-free crutch or knee scooter, and have fun!

I’m going to a beach party, what can I wear and how do I keep my balance on crutches?

You can wear what you would normally wear to the beach. If you use armpit crutches, wear a T-shirt to avoid chafing. For balance, you can get beach pads for your crutches. Be careful of the sand getting into the cast and keep it dry. Traditional crutches are not suitable for the beach. You can see the hands-free crutch as it works well with sand and elevates your foot so that you cannot rest it on the sand. It also frees up both of your hands, so it’s definitely worth looking into.

What can I wear during the winter?

It’s best to wear something that keeps you warm and is easy to put on, like sweatshirts and sweatpants. You can get Toe Warmers for your injured leg to warm up your toes. Traditional crutches can be difficult to use on snow and ice; try looking for other alternative devices.

What clothes would you recommend wearing for elegant occasions?

Choose tops that are not prone to wrinkles and those that do not have loose or plunging necklines to avoid wardrobe disasters. (Crutches catch clothing and can pile it up.) Choose ones with sleeves or wear a bolero or jacket over it. Choose a color that suits you and a bottom that makes you feel comfortable and covers you even when bending. Focus on your upper body to take your eyes off the cast. Wear comfortable, supportive, neutral-colored shoes.

Remember, have fun dressing up, but always choose something you are comfortable in and wear something that will keep your injured leg safe.

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