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Samsung Galaxy S – Samsung Vibrant Review

The Samsung Galaxy S was launched in July of this year. This phone was released in four different variants each for the four major cell phone companies. In my article I will focus mainly on the version of T-mobile, called Samsung Vibrant. This phone is manufactured by Samsung and it was Samsung’s first entry to the smartphone class. Before this phone was released in the United States, it was dubbed the iPhone killer in Europe and won the European Smartphone of the Year this year.

T-mobile was the first phone company to launch the phone in the United States. The Samsung Vibrant runs on the Android system. The version that came with the phone was 2.1 and it can be upgraded to 2.2. T-Mobile has already scheduled a free update in January 2011 for all its customers who have this phone. This phone is 4 inches. super amoled touch screen, which makes the images very clear and beautiful. The touch screen is slippery and reacts immediately without delay. The screen supports watching HD movies and part of the T-mobile promo was that it came preloaded with James Cameron’s Avatar, to showcase the phone’s ability to display the beautiful images that were in the movie. The phone comes with a 5 megapixel camera that also has auto focus. The phone does not need Flash due to its screen. Other versions have the flash to add to your camera, as well as a second camera on the front of the phone, so you can video chat with people too. It also has a high definition video camera that can shoot in 720p. The phone is compatible with all the applications offered by the Android market. It also comes preloaded with many apps ranging from Facebook to Sims 3 (full game). Vibrant also comes with swype text input, which allows the user to slide their finger to type the word instead of touching each letter they need to type a word on the touch screen. It has a 3G signal that allows you to quickly surf the Internet on your phone, as well as WIFI. It also allows you to port your Internet to a computer when connected, which means using the Internet from your phone instead of your home connection. Basically, this phone has everything you need in a smartphone.

As part of the James Cameron Avatar T-mobiles promotion, the Vibrant comes in a black box with a picture of the phone showing Avatar, with words describing what the phone does on the back and throughout the box. Inside the box is the phone itself with two back covers, noise-canceling earphones, guides on how to use the phone, and a 2-gigabyte memory card. The phone is currently selling for $ 199 for a 2-year contract with T-mobile or $ 495 without the contract. You can buy this phone in a T-mobile store and on their site. Samsung also sells it on their site. You can also find this phone anywhere phones are sold if you buy it from an unauthorized dealer, it will not be covered by either the Samsung one-year warranty or the t-mobile warranty. T-mobile has spent a lot of money promoting this phone; They had a commercial showing the movie Avatar and then they would walk away showing the quality of the image on the phone and how it all works. T-mobile also has an offer if you buy a Vibrant; you get the second one free.

The Galaxy S satisfies many needs that smartphones provide; it has a great internet connection, it is easy to use, and it has other needs that people need when using their smartphone. The main competitor to Samsung Galaxy S phones is Apple’s iPhone. Apple’s marketing effort is different from Samsung’s because Samsung is new to the smartphone race. Apple established it as the best smartphone because it was ahead of its time. But that changed recently with the introduction of the Galaxy S phones, Samsung relies on your goodwill and excellent customer service; while people complain about Apple’s lack of customer service and outrageous fees. The way companies advertise their phones is completely different, Apple has a simple commercial showing that the iPhone does everything because of apps and other types. Samsung, on the other hand, introduced it by showing the higher quality the phone has to offer; its image quality and reliable software.

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