Save money by doing your own oil change

For a long time, I always went out to change the oil and spent thousands of dollars over many years on my three cars. When I looked back, I realized that I could probably do it myself since it didn’t seem that hard. There was a guy; on my block, which I always did, but doing it but having to get under the car with a bucket didn’t appeal to me.

The best invention that will end all this maintenance is the electric car. Those are awesome since you don’t have to worry about virtually any liquid. No more oil, transmission or spark plug changes as the design is so simple. The only problem is that they are still quite expensive, difficult to charge quickly, and don’t really get good mileage.

After talking to some of my friends, I discovered that there is an easier way than going to the store or buying an electric car. There is a product called an oil change pump that makes this process very easy and clean. I recommend going online and looking to see if it’s available to you because that’s exactly what I did.

It took me a few days, but I finally found an oil change pump at a good price and decided to buy it. The thing arrived within two weeks and the first time I asked my neighbor which one was good to change the oil in the usual way to try this one. He went over the instructions with me, and after the job was done, he was very interested in the product.

The actual oil change with this product is not difficult at all and since then I have done all the cars myself. Just follow the instructions and hopefully don’t get any oil on your hands or clothes in the process. The pump is not expensive so I imagine it could save others money too.

There are certain cars that are designed in such a particular way that these oil change pumps do not work well for them. This is why I recommend double checking if your make and model are compatible with what is being sold on the market. If so, you can easily do it yourself and save quite a bit of cash in the process. Mechanics won’t go bankrupt and you can save trips to them for the time something really bad happens to your car.

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