Sexy Party Games You Should Try

The special moments of our lives are best celebrated through parties with friends and someone special! In fact, the party is so much fun that we even try to do it for no reason. Aside from delicious food, “on the drum” music, and overflowing beer, the best way to spice up parties is to have party games that are sexy, kinky, and hot. Sexy party games are brought into play to make parties more memorable. In fact, there are times that through these games, people get to find their soulmates.

So, are you planning to throw a party?

If so, you should start working on your list and don’t forget to include some sexy party games! I am one hundred percent positive about this. You might even end up being called “the cupid” because with these types of games, the shy get a chance to be aggressive and daring while everyone else finds an alibi to get laid. Who knows? You could be the shy one and the girl you’ve been planning to ask out on a date belongs to “everyone else.”

Now, if you’re running out of ideas, let me tell you, I’m not done yet! Yes. If you keep reading, you will be able to find the most suitable games for your party! Most of these games are actually simple games, but when you put the twists on them, they become searing!

kissing games
Kissing games have been played since times that we didn’t know existed. I wouldn’t be surprised if you tried this when you were younger. Maybe in middle school or junior high school. Believe it or not, these kissing games become much more exciting when played by a group of adults!

60 seconds in heaven
Will need:
a red lipstick
A closet large enough for two people to share

How to play?
I’m sure you have an idea on how to do this. Basically, you send a girl and a boy into the closet and leave them there for 60 seconds. They just have to imprint each other with as many kiss marks as possible because the couple with the most kiss marks wins.

body shots
Will need:
whipped cream
chocolate syrup
Strawberry jam
Or whatever sticky sauce is in your fridge

How to play?
You’re old enough to know what a body shot is! Let the group form a circle. Boys should be next to girls and vice versa (unless there are gays and lesbians in the crowd). Put the creams, jams and other things in the middle. Have someone start the game by choosing a cream, jam, or whatever. Have it placed anywhere on the body of the person sitting next to the starter. Then the initiator must lick it. Let the routine flow. Each body shot must be much more daring than the previous one.

strip games
This is another way to heat up the holidays. pull the teasing Just like the kissing games I’ve introduced you to, these are simple games that have been enhanced for more fun and pleasure.

Card games
Will need:
A deck of cards, of course.

How to play?
Just play any card game. Every time someone loses, they must take off an item of clothing they are wearing. Don’t stop until someone is deliberately looted!

striptease contest
Will need:
Easy to Hard Question Sets

How to play?
The crowd should be divided into two groups. Start with the easy questions. Each question should have a corresponding piece of cloth to remove depending on the difficulty. If the group does not answer the question, each member must remove the material required by the question.

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