The 5 best free Android games for those cathartic moments of calm

When you have an Android phone, you work hard and spend your day running, writing emails, attending meetings, rushing trains and buses, queuing for almost everything, and generally being a ball of stress, you need time to relax. One of your companions in the midst of your whirlwind of digital torrenting and verbal diarrhea is your trusted smartphone. Even though you can damn its beep and battery life, it has a whole world of fun just below the surface, waiting for you to take a break and play one of its great games.

Next time you have a moment on the train, try one of these …

Traffic jam

What at first seems like a very boring game that will age in a matter of minutes will soon be more exciting than a table-sized Sudoku puzzle. Traffic Jam is basically a puzzle game where you have to get a car out of a parking lot full of cars by sliding the cars that box you in, up and down to give you access to your car on the way out. Each level gets a little more difficult, but despite all your frustration, the joy of finding the solution is immense.

Theft defense

Get out of a complex game keeping in mind that it is free. The goal is to prevent your enemies from crossing a grassy plain and entering your base by building a series of missile towers and robotic weapons on their way. There are a ton of basic towers that you can upgrade as you earn money for destroying each enemy. A great mix of destruction and tactics.


A classic game well done. If you want a game that you can play alone or with a colleague that involves a great deal of skill and strategic inspiration, then you can’t go wrong with backgammon.

Light air control

For budding air traffic controllers who like to feel in control. Air Control presents you with a variety of airports where you must land a variety of planes without letting them collide with each other. You must judge flight paths and keep track of where everything is on an increasingly busy screen. It keeps you alert.


Another well done classic game. Sitting on the train, yelling ‘huzzah’ has never felt so good when plunging your enemy into the murky depths. You can even play with a friend.

As you can see, this is a huge section of the mobile phone market with a lot of innovation and money to be made. These games may be free, but many require payment and this certainly feels like a growing sector. If you plan to enter this industry, you will need a payment gateway for your site and a supported internet merchant account. These little ‘micropayments’ that games often require are a great way to attract people to your new game.

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