The Best Ways to Display Your Items in a Curio Cabinet

Using curio cabinets is simply one of the best ways to display your curios and establish a focal point in your room. These cabinets are specially designed to store collectibles, art objects, keepsakes and things that contribute to a common idea. Each cabinet of curiosities, however, will not only do. It pays that the exact display case is chosen carefully or even bespoke so that it can emphasize the contents in the best possible way.

Curio cabinets can have single glass door, double glass door, or no door at all. However, it is suggested that you choose those with doors to prevent dust from your screen from settling in. Also, if you have children or pets in your home, consider tying the glass sides of your curio cabinet with a padlock to prevent things from breaking and falling out. In addition to these design considerations, you may also want to consider getting a curio cabinet with a mirrored back for a visually spacious feel, especially if your living room is limited on space. The mirror not only reveals the light in the room, but also helps to give a full view of the things on display in the cabinet. To simplify cleaning, such as dusting and vacuuming, consider installing casters under the cabinet.

Step 1

Before putting some things in the cabinet, make sure the shelves are well cleaned. Get rid of dirt and dust with a damp cloth. Also keep in mind that wooden shelving should be cleaned every six months with the use of furniture polish. Use a damp newspaper to clean each glass or mirror door.

Step 2

Display your things on each shelf in odd numbers. Don’t forget to put your favorite trinkets or family dinnerware in groups of three, five or seven items.

Step 3

Place larger items on a shelf in pairs if they are too large for a third item to fit on the shelves.

Step 4

Gather items in a straight line or in a semi-circular pattern.

step 5

For collections, display pieces according to their size, color, or year of production. Place larger collectibles behind smaller ones to make the most of space.

Step 6

Leave enough space between each room. Placing a lot of stuff on a shelf will make it look cluttered, disorganized, and untidy.

step 7

Give balance to your things by placing the largest pieces in the center bordered by smaller items.

step 8

Consider giving all the collectibles you don’t have room to display to your friends and family. You can also give these items to your local charity resale shop.

A cabinet of curiosities is one of the best ways to display your most loved and prized possessions. It is usually made of a wooden frame and is inlaid with glass on three or even all four sides. Several have glass inlays simply on the door. They may also have a metal frame as an alternative to a wooden frame. This will depend on the style you want and these cabinets come in a variety of styles. They are available to match almost every type of decoration you use to beautify your home.

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