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The many products of Puerto Rico

There are many Puerto Rican products, including replicas of the Puerto Rican flag, that can be purchased when visiting the beautiful island. The picturesque island is a paradise for Caribbean cruisers and tourists from all over the world. You can come to the Caribbean island by land or by sea, but it’s certainly worth the trip no matter how you decide to get there. Old San Juan is the most popular destination in all of Puerto Rico. It is the capital city of the country. San Juan has a population of about four hundred and thirty thousand people.

In Old San Juan, tourists can get out of their cruise ships to shop and purchase replicas of the flag to take home to relatives. The flag resembles that of the United States in color and shape. It is a rectangular shape with three horizontal red stripes, two horizontal white stripes, and a blue triangle with a large white star on the left side of the flag. It clearly shows that Puerto Rico is a Commonwealth of the United States.

There is a strong artistic presence among the islanders. People interested in this native art should visit the Institute of Puerto Rican Culture at the Convento de los Dominicos in Old San Juan. It is a great source on Puerto Rican arts and crafts. Tourists love the arts and crafts of this country. With all its museums and many art galleries, Old San Juan is the largest source of Puerto Rican arts and crafts.

Visitors may want to study the history of the island. It is an American community rich in its own history. Christopher Columbus arrived in 1493, the island was colonized in 1508, and the capital city of San Juan founded in 1521. After the Spanish-American War, Puerto Rico was handed over to the United States of America by Spain in 1898. It is a territory of the United States. United States of America, but has an independent government. United States currency is all you will need as it is the official currency of the island. US dollars will buy all the products here that you hope to bring home to family and friends.

The climate is hot and humid with an average temperature of about eighty-three degrees. This temperature makes the island excellent for both tourism and agricultural prosperity. It is a perfect island for agricultural growth, although it is now a promising industrialized economy. Sugar used to be the main product produced in the country. Dairy and other animal products are now the main source of income on the island of Puerto Rico. Although tourism is up there, as well as one of the main sources of income.

Tourism continues to be a very integral source of income for the island of Puerto Rico. Approximately five million visitors a year become tourists to the island and bring their spending dollars with them. These visitors, whether they come by land or sea, are buying products as well as the Puerto Rican flag when they visit this fabulous island.

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