Tips for Listing Jeans on eBay

Start making money now on eBay

Clothing is a great item to sell on eBay. Every day, regular people make a quick buck buying and selling top clothing brands on eBay. Start with brands you are already familiar with. Let’s take American Eagle for our listing example. You have a pair of his skinny jeans in excellent condition that you want to sell. First, start with some quick research. Go to and type American Eagle Skinny Jeans Size 6 into the search bar. Then refine your search by selecting only Completed and Sold items. The items listed in green (by price) are the sold items. Items listed in red were not sold. You want to ignore unsold listings. Focus on the items that are most similar to yours and that have sold recently. Check the status of those items. Is there visible wear? Any defect? Worn out cuffs? Also, write down the relevant keywords that the successful seller used in their title and description. If you’re selling jeans, you need to know what style you’re selling. Are the jeans boot cut or skinny? Is the size for women or children? Junior sizes will be 00, 1, 3, 5, 7, 9,11. Women’s sizes are listed in even numbers. A size 6 is a women’s size.

Familiarize yourself with popular clothing keywords like Rise and Inseam. You must also be able to accurately describe the color of the jeans wash. Light or dark? Some brands have the wash color written on the care label. Other brands use codes with numbers and dates. Buyers will be on the lookout for particular washes. Expect to get questions from buyers asking you to describe and name the wash.

Shoppers may be trying to find a discontinued favorite style. Help them out and provide as many specific items as you can.

Get accurate measurements for your items

Rise is the measurement from the crotch seam (4-way seam at seat) to the top of the waistband above the zipper. Frontal augmentation is a critical measurement. Most listings do not include a rear height measurement. Inseam is measured along the inside of the leg from the intersection of the center 4-way seam to the bottom of the cuff. A normal inseam is 32 inches long. Be sure to indicate the size on the item’s tag, as well as your measurements. Always include your own measurements because between brands and within brands, sizes vary. A 30 waist from a brand may only be 28 inches. Give your buyers enough information to help them make a good decision about whether the jeans will fit them. It is better to include many measurements than to omit important details. Buyer may not try on items before purchasing.

Using Terapeak and Auctiva for eBay sales

Terapeak is an online tool that shows you the best time to start your listing, which keywords to use, and how much full listings sold. Try a Terapeak free trial to see for yourself risk-free. The cost is relatively low, around ten dollars per month, and you will definitely increase the sales and profit of your items using the information provided. Terapeak is just an online resource for eBay sales.

Auctiva offers you professional looking templates for your articles. There is a wide variety of themes and backgrounds to choose from. Templates are listed in categories and you can save your favorite templates, change description and item information, and quickly list hundreds of items for sale. Auctiva offers a scrolling gallery of your featured items to appear at the bottom of your listing. This allows you to sell more items through cross promotions. It is a great way to increase your sales on eBay.

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