Training a puppy can be easy if you follow the right steps

Having a puppy is an exciting and pleasurable experience. They are very cute and playful, but they have difficult moments. One of the most famous “moments” new puppy owners have is housebreaking.

If you’ve never heard the term housebreaking before, it’s simply the process of teaching your pup to use the bathroom outside. Specifically it is about breaking the habit of going to the bathroom inside and creating the habit of going outside to use the bathroom.

Housebreaking can have various levels of difficulty depending on the age of your dog. Puppies are the easiest to housebreak or potty train as they haven’t created any bad habits at a young age.

A key factor in breaking the bad habit of using the bathroom indoors is to catch the behavior early and correct it as soon as possible. We all live very busy lives and we can’t always take care of our new puppies all the time. It is during these unsupervised times that puppies can create these bad habits. They may even find places around the house to use the bathroom that you won’t notice until you’re cleaning or looking for something. Once you observe misbehavior, the home invasion process should begin immediately.

It is very important not to hit or punish the puppy when you see him use the bathroom in a closed place. In fact, when you catch them in the act, that’s the best time to start the outdoor potty training process and start breaking the habit right away. Hitting or punishing your puppy will only confuse and scare him. It’s always much better to reinforce good behavior than to spank your puppy for bad behavior.

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