Using the Internet to plan your family reunion

There’s no denying it, we’re the internet generation! When planning a family reunion, we can no longer rely on old-fashioned paper invitations to get the word out or spend hours scouring town to pick up party supplies. Of course, the convenience of the Internet will save you time on meeting planning, but for the generation that can’t remember life without a smartphone, the Internet is the only way to get their attention and increase their engagement at your next meeting! family!

For your next family gathering, try the online services of these popular websites.

Electronic Invitations: Start your next meeting with an attractive email invitation. Sites like Avoid not only allow you to send invitations to a large mailing list, but also give your guests the ability to RSVP online and track their responses. With the promise of postal increases in our future, an e-invitation will save you more than time – it will save you money!

Collect contributions: There is a way to avoid hearing “The check is in the mail.” Whether you’re collecting a contribution per person or a donation per family, online payments through companies like PayPal will make it easier to get paid faster.

Request personalized favors: Everyone wants to leave a meeting with a memory. If you’re planning to create a t-shirt or coffee mug, you should visit CafePress where you can use photos and image files to personalize and then complete your order online.

Photo printers: Don’t hate it when Uncle Jimmie or Cousin Sue (names have been changed to protect the innocent) take photos and then return to their home state together hoping to share the photos! Host a nightly photo roundup where photos can be downloaded to a photo service account at Shutterfly, Snapfish, York Labs, or another website. Have an account, but invite everyone to share the photos and order their copies from the service.

Share a family tree: Family gatherings are often where we exchange genealogical information. Why not start a family tree that you can share with others? Geni has been voted one of the 50 best websites in Time magazine and a winner of CNET Best Webware. Geni is perfect for sharing a family tree with a reunion group because there are no membership fees.

This year, your family reunion can be easier to plan and more successful when you use the services offered online.

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