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What is the difference between household and commercial cleaners?

Business owners often wonder about the difference between household and commercial cleaners. After all, they think, an experienced cleaner can clean any environment. Unfortunately, this misconception pervades the private sector, and many businesses have lost money, productivity, and overall satisfaction as a result. There are many reasons why it is important to invest in a properly trained and licensed commercial cleaning service. Here’s a closer look at the benefits of working with a professional cleaning provider.

High standards of cleanliness.

Domestic cleaners are used to working in the domestic environment. Cleaning standards are very different. The volume of foot traffic requires a different level of sanitation and attention to cleanliness for each surface. As a business owner, the attention to detail that goes into cleaning your property affects everything from the health and safety of your staff to the impression customers have of your brand. Working with a professional cleaning service ensures that your facility is cleaned to the highest standards and that all surfaces are sanitized and sparkling clean.

Flexible hours, scheduling and professional communications.

If you’ve ever hired a house cleaner, there’s a good chance they’ve come to the location during the day when you’re at work or your kids are at school. Day cleaning services generally work during the business day while you are away from home. But commercial cleaning services understand that companies have different scheduling needs. Some need a one-call, full-time custodian to service their facility during the day to decrease signs of wear. Others want a cleaning service that arrives after hours and is discreet to staff and customers. Other businesses require one-time event support and help with emergency needs. It is difficult for small domestic cleaning services to reliably provide this level of service and support to a variety of customers. Working with a commercial cleaning service company means that your facility cleanings are scheduled around your business. You will always be able to contact management and the company will have the right staff to ensure you are given the right level of support.

Range of cleaning services.

While a home cleaner might vacuum a rug or clean a table, businesses need access to a broader range of professional services. Needs range from sophisticated demands such as laboratory cleaning and daily transportation to professional window and carpet cleaning. Skimping on these services can shorten the life of valuable investments in professional flooring and other design options. Improper cleaning techniques cost businesses millions each year around the world. A professional concierge service also offers an enhanced service experience worthy of a high-end professional environment, from uniformed staff to the availability of efficient and eco-friendly cleaning techniques. Your business can save money, time and stress by relying on one company for all of your cleaning needs.

Don’t be confused about the difference between home and professional cleaning services. Savvy business owners trust professional cleaning companies to provide world-class cleaning, the latest in high-tech and environmental cleaning techniques, and 24-hour support. Contact a professional cleaning company in your region to ensure your needs are met today.

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