A lovely trip to Mauritius

Mauritius, the small island nation is thronged with visitors throughout the year, the island is situated in the Indian Ocean. This place is known for its mesmerizing beauty that leaves one captivated. This island nation is the mixture of multitude of colors and tastes. Peace and tranquility spread throughout the island and the most romantic atmosphere can be experienced here. […]

Living the night shift

“Cemeteries: The shift where you get up for dinner and go to bed after breakfast.” The choice of words for the title here is intentional. We don’t “live with” the night shift. we live it It will not bend or mold itself to live. Life has to do the bending, but it can be done successfully with the right maintenance […]

Holy mackerel! It’s tuna!

Part of the mackerel family, tuna was virtually unknown to most Americans before the 20th century. There was no canned fish of any kind and tuna was considered undesirable (except for cats). In 1910, Americans ate only about seven pounds of fish a year, compared to 60 pounds of beef, 60 pounds of pork, and about 15 pounds of chicken. […]

Atkins diet foods to eat

Dr. Atkins New Diet Revolution book was first published in 1979. And since then, many people have turned to the Atkins diet because of the foods they can eat, and as a result, there has been a lot of hype. It is a good alternative to all the low fat diets that are so hard to follow. But what are […]