How Hotels Can Cope With The Airbnb Generation Through Information Outsourcing

Shared services are disruptive innovations. The emergence of the sharing economy may have been favorable to most of today’s consumers, but affected industries view these developments as enemies of economic growth. These inadvertently drive the demise of their traditional counterparts. Only a few have started to reinvent themselves to play alongside the game that their modern competitor has been winning. […]

Review of Petit Paris Restaurant in Nottingham

It doesn’t take long for diners to fall in love with the Petit Paris restaurant in Nottingham. This centrally located Parisian-style bistro has wowed patrons since 1995, with delicious and beautifully prepared food in a relaxed and elegant setting. Owners Sergio and Jean-Louis are proud to have delivered an elegant continental oasis in the bustling city center of Nottingham. There […]

White Smoke Translator Review

With the right combination of precision and features, Whitesmoke Translator outperformed the competition and took first place in our translation software review. Whitesmoke Translator is the best translator that also has the best compatibility with other programs. WT is a completely new translation software product from WhiteSmoke. Translator allows you to take any text from any text-based application and automatically […]

Barack Obama Embraces the Power of the Internet: Sales Lessons for Small Businesses

The presumptive Democratic presidential candidate has really embraced internet technology! Barack Obama won the primaries in Iowa, North Dakota and Montana! His campaign raised over $ 300 million during the Democratic primary campaign! He defeated the well-known US Senator Hillary Clinton! Using social media and web 2.0 tools, Barack connected with millions of potential Democratic voters and raised millions of […]

Tips for maintaining white gloss kitchen doors

White is an evergreen color that gives a place a relaxing, bright, and clean feel. However, many homeowners feel that while it looks good in a kitchen, maintaining it can be a tedious task. There’s no denying the fact that maintaining the same flawless look of a white kitchen that it had at the time of construction takes some effort. […]

Australian car manufacturing shutdown is a legacy of Abbott and Hockey

Many in this country held their breath when the federal Abbott / Hockey government made the decision not to give money to companies struggling to continue their manufacturing industries. This followed the Global Financial Crisis and the Rudd government’s fight against job losses after his election in 2007. Abbott’s toxic nature in the opposition attracted people who chose to turn […]

How do I center a YouTube video in WordPress?

If you run a website with WordPress, you’ve probably wanted to embed a YouTube video at one point or another. Video can add interactivity and emotion to a blog post. Fortunately, WordPress and YouTube make this a very easy process. However, centering your YouTube video can be a bit tricky, especially if you don’t know any code. However, this article […]

Standardized Testing and Students with Assistive Technology

In recent years there has been a boom in standardized testing in American schools. Students are being assessed in reading, math, science, social studies to state and school district standards that are used to demonstrate compliance with No Child Left Behind, along with the NCLB tests, students are also being hit with graduation tests, tests to advance school progression (i.e. […]