GRANITE – Past, Present and Future

Granite is an igneous rock, with a crystalline base, hard and tenacious. It can be polished, shaped, cut, and honed to create many useful products. Granite is very durable and suitable for any type of internal structure. It is in great demand in the field of construction, covering a series of uses in shops, buildings and homes. Mica, quartz and […]

Monkeys – Go ahead and jump

I haven’t been writing for a long time, but give me enough time and you’ll soon realize that I have a slight obsession with monkeys and monkeys, I love them! They are great for going out, for work, for the beach and super comfortable! I’d live with monkeys if I could, I was so grateful when they reappeared in stores […]

Classic Game Review: Zulu Space Station

SPACE STATION ZULU (SSZ) is a fun space station defense strategy game. The Yargs are a peace-loving race who like to study and research the galaxy they inhabit. After discovering the Xhapthon Star Drive, the Yargs became deeply involved in space exploration. They established a series of outposts where their expeditions could resupply and relax without always having to return […]

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in Education: Why Invest in Education as CSR in India?

Education is the most powerful tool to break the intergenerational cycle of poverty: it helps to overcome inequalities, promotes inclusive development, accelerates social transformation and is essential to develop human potential towards economic progress. Ours is the age of the knowledge economy. Only quality education for all children can help us achieve the long-term goal of economic and social equity […]

safe dog food

What are safe foods for your dog to eat? This question can best be answered by your veterinarian. You can also search for this information on the Internet. I have done both activities; My vet has also given me a list of foods to avoid when feeding my pet. Also remember that there are also plants in your house and […]

Planning a waterfall for your pool

If you’ve ever spent any time at a high-end resort, then you know that the most attractive part of the grounds is the resort-sized pool and its waterfall. Even in the National Park systems, some of the most visited scenic areas in the parks are the waterfalls on the slopes of the mountains. The sights and sounds of falling water […]