The importance of meeting customer needs

Sometimes the desire to make a profit in a company can cause business leaders to overlook a fundamental principle of the company: meeting the needs of customers. In theory, companies operate by providing a service or product that fills a gap in the market. Obviously, if there is no demand for the service or product that a company offers, it […]

Top 12 Tips for Writing a Press Release

A press release is the standard way to alert the media, and increasingly the online public, to what you are doing or selling. The press release (PR) is part of the public relations artillery and should be used with caution. Although it is mostly written and distributed by public relations professionals, you too can competently write your own public relations […]

The Anatomy of a TRAC Lease

A large sector of the transportation industry, among others, is now benefiting from a special type of capital equipment lease known as a TRAC lease. Also known as a terminal rental adjustment clause lease, it is an affordable way for a business whose primary interest is to lease vehicles for business purposes to finance the eventual ownership of those vehicles […]

Effective project risk assessment and optimal risk mitigation strategies

What are the nature and sources of project risks? What are the nature and function of the project risk assessment? How do companies select risk mitigation strategies? What is the correlation between optimal risk mitigation strategies and effective project risk assessment? How do companies achieve their financial objectives through statistical and quality management methods? The answers to these strategic questions […]

4 key points that make true leaders

What is authentic leadership? Authentic – “in accordance with the facts and therefore worthy of trust, confidence or belief” To become an authentic leader, you must become increasingly aware of the four leadership qualities that we are going to describe and manipulate these qualities to create a personal style that works for you. Always ask yourself the question: “Why should […]

Capital Gold Group, a group worth its weight in IRA Gold

Today’s industry is saturated with Gold and Gold IRA companies presenting themselves as the number one players in the segment and promising returns that sometimes seem to offer someone the moon. In an environment where clients have already lost a lot of faith in the economy and are treading carefully before investing, the act of choosing a good company takes […]

Mutual Fund Investing 101: How You Make Money

How do you make money investing in mutual funds? There are basically two ways to make money and two ways to lose money by investing in mutual funds. Let’s get down to the basics. There are thousands of funds to choose from and the vast majority of them will fall into one of four categories based on where you invest […]

Options Trading Strategies: Misuse of Historical Volatility and Implied Volatility Crossovers

Not all volatilities are built equal. It is critical to differentiate between historical volatility and implied volatility, so retail traders learn to trade options by focusing on what is material to theoretically price option spreads forward. Historical Volatility (HV) measures the past price movements of the underlying asset by recording the actual or realized volatility of the asset. The best […]