The World Conference on Pride and Power

The World Organization for Pride and Power will host the First Annual World Pride and Power Conference in an effort to foster unity, empowerment and inclusion in SGLBT communities of African descent and their allies. Why should you wait? You should attend if you are a person of color, activist, poet, writer, politician, or businessman. You must attend if you […]

Choosing a Bridal Gown For a Wedding

Bridal Gown For a Wedding A bridal dress for a wedding is a formal dress worn by a bride. The style, color, and ceremonial significance of wedding dresses differ greatly depending on the culture and ceremony. The influence of religion is especially significant, as many weddings are religious events. However, there are no cultural rules that dictate the style of […]

Stained Glass and Clyde Barrow

One fall night in 1967, some friends and I, sophomores at North Texas State University, moved to the Campus Theater in the courthouse in Denton, Texas, to see the new Hollywood movie ‘Bonnie and Clyde.’ . That minor but highly popular play had its world premiere there a few days earlier, having been filmed in small towns around Denton and […]

Born good for the first time?

The purpose of most religions is to make us “better” than we are today. The biblical premise is that all human beings have fatal flaws, are not good enough, and need great improvement and control of their “human nature.” Without this continuous overcoming of the evil self, growing towards a better type of person and change, one runs the risk […]

Top 10 Adventures for Solo Travelers

Traveling is spiritually rewarding and always educational; however, choosing where to travel and what to do is often frustrating and time-consuming. When you are traveling alone, this task can be more difficult or easier than if you are traveling with other people. When you travel with other people, there are suggestions and wishes that you may or may like. When […]