Part Two: Will China’s Coalbed Methane Projects Make a New Energy Billionaire?

Green Dragon CBM Concessions While Green Dragon Gas has been blessed with the first production sharing contracts it negotiated through Greka Energy, which offer the hope of several trillion cubic feet of coal bed methane gas, there could be serious obstacles to extracting the gas. methane. In a May 2006 research report, the underwriters warned that GDG “faces a combination […]

Wright’s rising prominence correlates with rising eminence, rising fortunes, and changing lifestyles

As Richard Wright had gone through the brunt of his life in the South, he moved north to Chicago, and eventually landing in New York, he began to rise to prominence, with his own lifestyle undergoing significant changes, as well as his literary projects growing beyond novels. and autobiographies in drama and movies. His brother was now engaged in the […]

I’m Constantly Comparing Myself To Other Women After My Husband’s Affair: Ideas That Might Help

I often hear of wives having serious self-esteem issues after their husband has an affair. Many no longer feel attractive, sexy, or self-confident. Many admit that they constantly compare themselves to other women. Sometimes this means comparing yourself to “the other woman” (ie, comparing yourself to the woman her husband cheated on or had an affair with). And some admit […]

school money clubs

I recently spoke with a grandmother who gets it when it comes to financial education for children and, in her case, grandchildren. She had written an article that she read and loved so much that she had to call me. The article went over some simple steps parents can take to make their children or grandchildren much more financially educated. […]

Gary Halbert and me

You probably already know the story of how I became a copywriter, but I bet the part I’m going to reveal today you DON’T know. The reason I think you don’t know is because I haven’t told a lot of people. But before I launch into the new, let me briefly go over the old, okay? Ok, here goes – […]