Channeling: an explanation of how a medium can channel spirits

The definition of pipeline Channeling, in psychic parlance, is the process of receiving and transmitting information to and from an external invisible entity or source in an ‘altered state of consciousness’ or trance. This state is thought-based, self-induced, or triggered by an expert. The channel loses its body consciousness and reaches a level of intelligence almost synchronized with that of […]

Baseball: the second time

After foolishly quitting the game in 1960, I definitely have a lot of regrets. Most of my time in the next two years was spent at the racetrack. You see, my love for racehorses has always been with me, ever since I was a kid. My dad started leading me to the track and I had an uncanny ability to […]

Discover 10 myths about pregnancy that you never knew

Once pregnant, women have generally recommended a list of dos and don’ts to everyone. Interestingly, many of these are simply myths about pregnancy. Here are 10 myths you never knew about and enjoy a happy pregnancy: Myth 1: Are you really sick? You can have twins Denied: if you feel sick more than usual, it does NOT indicate the possibility […]

NBA 2K20 review

If you love to play basketball, you will also love getting 2k20. This simulated video game is presented using visual concepts. The publisher’s name is 2K Sports. This is the 21st video game the franchise has bought. Its predecessor is known as NBA 2K 19. Let’s find out more about the game. On September 6, 2019, NBA 2K20 was released […]

Composition contest observations

I love good songwriting contests. Bring out the best in songwriters because the contest deadline gives them something to write about. However, I am amazed at how many people put pen to paper and do it. It’s fantastic. You can also hear some wonderful talents. Anyway, let’s go back to the list of common songwriting flaws from the judges’ point […]