Search Engine Optimization

More and more people are beginning to see that the Internet provides a profitable means of doing business. If you have a website, you can either submit your website to search engines like Google and Yahoo, or use written articles and submit them to article submission sites. But this is the end of the job for your site. The first […]

Nairobi – Safari Capital of the World

Nairobi, the capital of Kenya, is a world class city and has some of the best facilities to be found in Africa. The name comes from the language of the Maasai people, which translates as “the place of fresh waters”. The city has two nicknames: ‘Green City in the Sun’ and ‘Safari Capital of the World’, the latter due to […]

The amazing sweet potato and yam

What is the difference between a sweet potato and a yam? The definition of a name is; the starchy edible tuber of a climbing plant that is widely cultivated in tropical and subtropical countries. So you see that many of the so-called yams you’ve been eating all these years are actually a sweet potato. Compared to potatoes, yams are starchier […]

Mustapha Wasajja – The Mysterious Ugandan Boxing Champion

Mustapha (Mustafa) Wasajja (Wassaja / Wassajja / Wasaja) was born on July 16, 1953 in Kampala, Uganda). As an amateur, Wasajja fought at welterweight, light middleweight, and middleweight. Wasajja, weakened by weakness and tremors for years, finally succumbed to parkinsonism on April 26, 2009, near Kampala in Uganda. In the early 1970s, Wasajja came under the tutelage of Uganda’s legendary […]

What is MMA conditioning and why is it so important?

What is MMA conditioning? Ok, before we talk about what MMA conditioning is. First I have to talk about what conditioning is in general. The best definition I can find for the word conditioning is: “Repeated use of a specific stimulus to create a predictable and controlled response in an individual” It may sound a bit deep, but it sums […]

Packers 2010 Schedule and Ticket Outlook

From three prime-time games on Sunday night to a matchup with the Bears on Monday night, the Packers’ 2010 schedule packs an interesting punch. After returning to the playoffs last year and recovering some key players from injuries, there is a strong feeling that the Pack could have a memorable season. Ticket prices have gone up a bit this year […]

What to remember if you have a car

If you drive or store your car on a public road, you must pay road tax (also known as vehicle tax or car tax). To show that your tax is up to date, you must display a valid tax disc in your front window. The circulation tax can be renewed semi-annually or annually, depending on how much you want to […]