satellite tv for laptop

Many times, people wonder what the hell technology and creativity is doing in the world every time a new innovation is released that is not only a huge success but also a breakthrough like portable satellite TV. It is encouraging and heartening to find that the days of incurring huge bills for television, cable and satellite services are quickly fading […]

The heartbreak of a penalty kick foul: Who should bear the pain and guilt afterward?

Soccer is one of the best sports activities imagined globally. The fun of the game is increased, especially by the numerous leagues and championships. The unsportsmanlike citizens of a country magically fall in love with soccer when they see their compatriots decked out in national colors determined to play enthusiastically for their homeland. The most succinct part of the football […]

Fantasy football in the 1980s

I started playing Fantasy Football in 1987. I started 23 years ago when I was 10. The landscape has changed dramatically since then. It all started when my dad got the chance to join a dynasty league. Two teams had not renewed and there was going to be a draft to divide their players. My dad, my older brother Ben, […]

Why travel in Zambia

The landlocked country of Zambia gets its name from the prominent Zambezi River that runs through it, and for many, this is the main reason to visit Zambia. The country’s small population is mainly concentrated in the capital of Lusaka or around the rich copper belt. In the south, Zambia borders all of South Africa’s northern neighbors, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Mozambique […]