Feeding the hedgehogs

With some animals it’s easy – they only eat one thing (snakes only eat mice / rats, except rough veggies that eat insects!). With other animals it can be much more difficult! Hedgehogs eat almost anything or so they tell us. There are many tips from other hedgehog keepers on what to feed your hedgehog. They will eat cat food, […]

Hemangiosarcoma: a (usually) silent and deadly canine cancer

November is Pet Cancer Awareness Month. Among the deadliest canine cancers is hemangiosarcoma, or cancer of the blood vessels. Hemangiosarcoma can present as skin cancer, which can be successfully treated if caught early, or as cancer of the internal organs, particularly the spleen or heart. The prognosis for splenic or cardiac hemangiosarcoma is extremely poor, even with aggressive treatment, as […]

Winter: a Maltipoo puppy’s nightmare

It’s officially winter, and many people worry about how to keep their young puppies warm in the freezing temperatures. Try some of these tips and tricks to make winter a wonderland rather than a dreaded event. Cold weather can be especially traumatic for Maltipoo puppies. The long hair between the toes and around the pads makes the snow a big […]

Common Great Dane health problems

As sweet and wonderful as Great Danes are, like all races, they have their drawbacks. Its commonly short lifespan is first on the list. A high average is probably seven to eight years, although there are certainly exceptions to this. Many are known to live nine to twelve years. This is a question to ask yourself when interviewing a puppy […]

My dog ​​ate catnip!

When my dog ​​ate catnip, I immediately wondered if he was going to start running like crazy or if he would die instead. I had no idea what to expect. I think you will feel calm after discussing some things. It does not poison your dog! Most dogs do not have any negative reactions. At best, there may be an […]

Are Siamese Cats Expensive?

Siamese cats remain one of the most popular cat breeds in the US and around the world. Your purchase cost may vary based on your breeding pedigree, color, and other factors. So is Siamese expensive? What costs are involved in addition to the purchase price? Startup costs The first choice you should make when it comes to getting any breed […]

10 reasons why you should adopt a pet

Are you thinking of having a puppy that wags its tail and runs happily towards you with each of your calls? Or are you thinking of having that cute little fur ball called a kitten playfully running around your house? Thinking of going to the nearby pet store to buy one? Stop your search for pets right away and think, […]

Why A Gentle Spray Citronella Necklace Is A Better Alternative To Shock Necklaces

Many people use electric shock collars, ultrasonic products, and other methods that cause physical pain to dogs to train them not to commit certain unwanted actions or behaviors. These behaviors generally include barking, using the bathroom inside, digging in the yard, jumping on furniture, jumping on people, chewing on things like your shoes, which should not be used as chew […]

Keeping your cat outdoors close to your home

Having a cat outdoors can cause you to worry about its safety, as well as the fact that it might leave your property and may never return home. With a naturally curious nature, cats are extremely independent and intelligent. To keep your curiosity at home, you need to create a cozy outdoor space for your pet, a place that he […]