7 types of trick photography and special effects

With all the different photo editing programs and apps available today, it’s easier than ever to add cool special effects and trick photo illusions to your favorite photos into an ‘otherworldly’ appeal. Various other amazing effects can be achieved by making adjustments to the shutter speed. With these tips, even the most amateur photographer can make their photos look professional. […]

Bungie’s Destiny Launch Issues, a Production Stumble, or a Marketing Stunt

09/12/2014 At heart I am a gamer of video games and I think I have a good idea of ​​what a gamer wants from their games. Smooth controls, sweet graphics, a great non-screen grabbing immersive story including a skip button, and most recently added … responsive online gameplay with voice communication. A gamer can’t really ask for more than that, […]

Why Performance Testing And Speed ​​Analysis Are A Must For Sports Training And Strength And Conditioning

Soccer is a sport full of complexities on and off the field. Training should be specific to soccer, improving technical and tactical skills to help improve your performance. Things like ball control, position-based requirements, and the ability to develop the field come from practice and technical and tactical development. However, research now shows that the importance of having a solid […]

Mona Lisa’s Secret

There are many reasons why the “Mona Lisa” is without doubt the most famous, researched, debated and talked about painting of all time. His story, from the commission, concept, travel and emotions, are worthy of a Hollywood movie script. Then there is also the fact that its creator, Leonardo da Vinci, artist, scientist and inventor, is perhaps one of the […]

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3

It seems that once again the Call of Duty series will add another chapter to one of the best-selling first-person shooter games in the world. This installment of the franchise will be developed by Infinity Ward Studios. If you haven’t noticed yet, Infinity Ward and Trearch take turns developing the Call of Duty series, and each developer has their own […]