Proofreading, copy editing, virtual translation: how to tell the difference

My cell phone rang around 4:00 p.m. on a Friday afternoon. “Can you correct 32,000 words before Sunday at 6:00 pm?” Correction: subject-verb agreement, occasional comma, typos, nothing major. “Yeah.” Two hours later, the document arrived in my inbox with a note: “Actually, there are 43,000 words. I hope it’s okay.” That? A mere third of an increase? I opened […]

5 Great Ways to Generate B2B Leads Online

Before the advent of online marketing, lead generation was an exclusive practice in the B2B field. This is no longer the case, but attracting potential business customers is still much more challenging than “hooking” consumers. The good news is that you can use a variety of powerful techniques to convert decision makers into your leads online. Look at them. 1. […]

Naming Your Blog – Good Blog Titles

Deciding on a good blog title and selecting a domain should be based on target keyword placement. With both the domain and a good blog title, you want to include at least one target keyword, but what is the target keyword? Well, that will depend on your niche and there is quite a long list of options. But that will […]

How You Can Get More Views On YouTube

A question I’ve seen over and over again on places like Yahoo Answers is “How do I get more views on YouTube?” YouTube, as you probably know, is the largest video sharing site online and the second largest when it comes to searched content. (Right behind Google, which owns YouTube) So if you’re new to YouTube, how can you get […]

Fighting fake followers in influencer marketing

Today’s digital marketing environment is one where influencers pave the way for brands to earn money through the appeal of a massive following on social media. With influencer marketing becoming a major part of sales and brand growth, the digital space has also seen the rise in bad practices of influencers taking advantage of the new digital landscape by buying […]

Sidestep Catapult drives me crazy

I woke up this morning from a dream of wild animals carousing in the backyard, so I picked up the book next to my bed: Sidestep Catapult by Anne-Adele Wight. I found those same creatures described by my own unconscious lurking in his poems. Some animals are hungry; some just curious; others are downright vicious. Wight embraces the moods of […]

Tips for Starting Your Own Outside Business Blog

Opening a blog for your business offers many advantages for all types of companies. A blog for your business can help establish a better reputation for your brand, as well as promote awareness of your business. Year external blog, however, you can achieve that and more. These types of blogs help increase the number of visitors to your website through […]