Google Chrome Extensions

Chrome is the newest browser available for people to use on the internet, and the ‘next big thing’ in terms of plugins and apps will be Google Chrome extensions. When Chrome first launched, it was extremely fast and packed with features that Internet users had been looking for for a long time. However, the browser market is already dominated by […]

An instant selfie for your Instagram business

Hello friends, today we are going to talk about your much loved Instagram. Popularly known as Insta, this website uploads, saves and shares the photos and information of your loved ones. Beautiful as it looks, Instagram has several preset efforts behind its marketing strategy. It is actually a business address. We all understand that a smooth social network needs value-added […]

Advanced blogging with WordPress

Break into the blogging industry with WordPress If you have a blog of any size or want to grow a large blog, this article is for you. Simple tool to manage your content stream Do you work within WordPress and have multiple writers or other people managing your blog content? Instead of messing around with spreadsheets and Google Docs, try […]

Top 5 LinkedIn Tips: Making LinkedIn Work for Your Job Search

Social networks increasingly represent an important tool for professionals looking for work and for employers in search of qualified labor. career opportunities that were previously hidden from the knowledge of most job seekers. LinkedIn is a major social network designed specifically for job candidates’ professional relationship options. However, it is not enough to open an account. You need to know […]

Don’t blow the job offer

After phone screens and three face-to-face interviews, the job offer has been expanded. All that remains is your acceptance of the offer and you are ready to enjoy the next chapters of his career. Some candidates will accept immediately and others may delay acceptance for various reasons. It is extremely important that you handle job offers correctly or you risk […]