Portable LED Signs – Go Ahead and Light Up

Have you seen that big t-shirt that lights up in front of your face and looks like a little movie? That is portable signs And they are getting more popular every day! This technology is called EL technology, which is a portable led sign and works on a series of complicated electrically charged paints. We will cover The in our […]

Understanding Digital Camera White Balance

When I was a new digital camera user I would happily browse, not giving much thought to white balance. My first digital camera, a Canon A-310 point-and-shoot, was excellent for color. An awkward kind of change came when that camera was dropped in the waters of a creek crossing. The camera was damaged and only the memory card remained intact. […]

How to get more customers and sell many more cars by spreading your message

Will you really implement great marketing on a limited budget? Definitely Of course, expensive marketing “gurus” or advertising representatives will not tell you this. These are the people who want you to believe that “marketing” requires a huge investment over an extended period of time, that only professionals can do. “Image”, “brand”, “awareness” and “exposure” scream… as they get closer […]

Childhood obesity: no one said change was easy

Childhood obesity is a serious problem in the United States. There are more than 3 million cases of childhood obesity in the US each year, and it can cause serious health problems. Childhood obesity can cause high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and diabetes. Overweight children are often bullied and shamed for being fat, which leads to decreased self-esteem and depression. […]

Do’s and Don’ts in Prague

Prague is one of the most beautiful cities you find in Europe. It is a very popular destination for tourists, however it can also be dangerous if care is not taken. I’ve lived in Prague for 2 years while studying so I’m sure I can give you some advice and hopefully save you some money and trouble. idiom The main […]