SAS Zombie Assault 2 – Strategy Guide

This is a bit older game now, but it’s still one of the funnest flash games out there. It also involves in-depth strategy not often found in flash games beyond the tower defense genre. You play as a special forces operative who has locked himself in a facility and must defend himself against hordes of zombies. To defend against them, […]

How to write an attention-grabbing press release

Press releases are concise, engaging, and primarily newsworthy pieces of writing distributed by companies or public relations firms to announce new products, share business news, or generate interest in a new business strategy. They are short, sweet articles designed to catch the attention of journalists in an attempt to get them to cover the story. In fact, they are traditional […]

Killer plants and foods for hamsters

Hamster cages should be a safe and healthy haven for their occupants and this means a daily supply of fresh seeds, grains, fruits and vegetables. But did you know that some seeds, fruits and vegetables are poisonous to them? There are also many indoor plants that could seriously poison them. This article reviews some expert advice on which of the […]

Joe Namath Bio and Interesting Facts – New York Jets

A word to summarize from Joe Namath? Confidence. In soccer, it’s what separates the average quarterback from the championship quarterback. When experts talk about confidence, the discussion inevitably turns to Joe Namath. Three days before Super Bowl III in 1969, Joe Namath blatantly guaranteed that his upstart New York Jets would defeat the mighty Baltimore Colts. With Joe’s confident statement, […]