Toxic Hunger Vs True Hunger – The Neverending Cycle and the Signs

You have just finished a meal and soon after you feel: Dizzy stomach growling Headache stomach cramps Tremors, tiredness, weakness Irritability esophageal spasms inability to concentrate These symptoms are generally the sensations that we interpret as hunger. These uncomfortable symptoms can be experienced to different degrees by different people. And for many people, these uncomfortable symptoms are the downfall of […]

Find out some interesting facts about Belgrade, the capital of Serbia

The rocky hill above the junction of two powerful European rivers, the Danube and the Sava, was perfect for establishing the city. Over the centuries, the city has changed many neighbors and lords, its physiognomy and size, but never its dominant position. Its walls would whitewash newcomers from the river, which is why it was eventually named Beograd (Serbian translation: […]

Symptoms of gladular fever to be aware of

Related to the Epstein-Barr virus, glandular fever is a viral infection that is transmitted through direct contact with the saliva of an infected person or through airborne droplets of saliva. The disease is most often spread by sneezing, coughing, kissing, and sharing glasses or drinks. The most common early symptoms include fatigue, sore throat, and swollen lymph nodes in the […]

How people with Graves’ disease can avoid radioactive iodine treatment

If you have Graves’ disease, or any other form of hyperthyroidism, and you are considering the use of radioactive iodine to treat your condition, you may want to look into other types of treatment methods first. Many people do not realize the possible consequences of receiving radioactive iodine treatment. As a healthcare professional and someone diagnosed with Graves’ disease, I […]

What are free psychic chat rooms?

Free psychic chat rooms are virtual meeting rooms, where you meet other users online and discuss psychic matters. Psychic mediums who are attached to the psychic chat room or psychic forum can also chat and share their psychic abilities with the users. Free psychic chat rooms offer live online psychic readings, free email psychic readings, phone psychic readings and similar […]

The Medicine Called Zumba

The music is in a progressive style so users alternate from slow to fast training movements. This alternation exposes the body to different heart rates, providing a good cardio workout. Zumba fitness uses the body’s own resistance to shape and tone the body. Zumba fitness classes are held in a group to keep people motivated and socialize as well. This […]