$4.90 per gallon

We just received our contract price for fuel oil for the upcoming heating season and the price was $4.90/gallon. Our 2007-2008 contract price for heating was $2.79/gallon. We use about 1,000 gallons to heat our house. We will not pay it! We purchased a wood pellet furnace and purchased 5 tons of pellets which should cover most of the heating […]

The 5 most influential people in law enforcement in history

Narrowing down the list of famous police leaders to the 5 most influential people in law enforcement history is tough. Law enforcement around the world has been influenced by many people since the ancient Egyptian and Greek societies. The following men, however, may be 5 of the most recognizably influential people in recent US law enforcement history: Eugenio Biscailuz: As […]

Benefits of Hiring a Good Immigration Lawyer

Many applicants who find themselves on a trip to the United States of America think twice before hiring an immigration attorney for their needs. But they forget the fact that a lawyer can make things easier for them, since an expert in the field always helps. Visa applicants are generally in the process of obtaining permanent residence or becoming US […]

Competitive intelligence is an essential component for better decision making in law firms

Important decisions at a law firm should never be made in a vacuum. Instead, they must be seized with an abundance of the right information in hand. For many law firm decisions, “the right information” means competitive intelligence. Competitive intelligence is defined as a systematic and ethical program to collect, analyze, and manage information about the external business environment, information […]

Facts about the promissory notes and the law

When you borrow an amount of money and agree to pay it back, you have created a verbal and binding legal obligation. In most cases, it is formalized in writing detailing the payment conditions. Such a legal document is generally known as a “Promissory Note” and is the subject of this article. A promissory note is NOT the same as […]

How You Can Prepare for Your Estate Planning Meeting

While meeting with an estate planning attorney may not be on your wish list to accomplish during your lifetime or among your New Year’s resolutions, it’s not something you should put off until you’re on your deathbed. Many people are intimidated by the prospect of planning their estate, however, in most cases it is much easier if you come prepared. […]