Family holidays in Sri Lanka

A great way to enjoy the best family holiday in Sri Lanka is to combine a stay in a fairly simple but very comfortable guest house that offers loads of interesting activities, with a high tea experience followed by wildlife viewing at Yala, and finally ending in a beautiful beach along the south coast. A number of wonderful guest houses […]

The true essence of honeymoons

Honeymoons are essentially part of wedding events. Aside from exchanging wedding vows, a honeymoon should be a lifetime event to remember for the newly married couple. To make it a memorable and lasting event, the preparations that are as necessary as those that are carried out at weddings are equally important. There are a thousand and one ways to spend […]

networks and membership

As we continue to navigate through this “new” normal, networking has definitely changed. We’re reimagining how we connect (in person and virtually). As well as how we foster meaningful relationships. Network experts are learning the nuances associated with these changing, challenging and difficult times. One way to maintain consistency and advance our networking efforts is to consider the role of […]

Visiting Aguadilla, Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico has some of the clearest waters and purest sandy beaches in the world. Aguadilla is no exception. Aguadilla, Puerto Rico is located in the upper most northwestern part of the country. The city is almost 36 square miles. It houses the international airport of Aguadilla, one of the 12 commercial airports in the country. Aguadilla is easily accessible […]