6 Property Management Rules From The Rental Bible

Here are some landlord rules that will make your landlord a more enjoyable and profitable experience. RULE # 1. Acquire Your Tenant – The first step in making property management easier for you is choosing the right tenant. That means selecting a tenant who loves their place and doesn’t just like it because a loving tenant is a long-term stable […]

Advance Directive Warning

Approx. 1:30 a.m. on Saturday, December 18, 2010 “I think I need help!” Mom is standing outside my bedroom door, panting and writhing in pain. He says he waited an hour before waking me up. (Backstory: When I arrived last night, Mom told me that she sometimes feels “uncomfortable” at night. Knowing that she had suffered a serious heart attack […]

How to make money from home, even as a newbie

Have you ever wondered why other people are known to easily do five or six figures each year from home? Are you somewhat frustrated with the results you’ve seen with your business or part-time work-at-home efforts and only see a small change as a result? Does it seem like you’re on a treadmill, but backtracking since the more you work, […]

Financing of the family limited partnership

A family limited partnership is generally financed with specific assets. Real estate provides the ideal investment, but not all assets are suitable for transfer to society. With respect to corporate partners, the shares of the S corporation cannot be owned by a partnership. The partners do not recognize gains or losses when they contribute property to the partnership in exchange […]

Symptoms of smegma infection and how to fix it

People may want the funk, but not the one that smells like thick white. That’s correct, smegma. Smegma didn’t start out so bad. Smegma is actually the end result of the body’s masterful self-cleaning abilities and is a smelly mix of oil, dead skin cells, and other fluids. However, elves and fairies will not come to clean it for a […]

Make sense of your finances

The reality is that money comes and goes; what is most important is how you handle your funds. A long time ago when I was learning how money works; the rule of 72 was a revelation. The Rule of 72 is a simple way to determine how long it takes for your funds to double; It is based on annual […]