Benefits of Southeast BIM Modeling Services

Southeast BIM Modeling Services The benefits of building information modeling (BIM) go far beyond design. These methods are a powerful method for integrating architectural and engineering design disciplines and streamlining the sharing of models. Southeast BIM modeling services can help you create a more efficient construction process. The building information model can be a powerful tool for managing a construction […]

17 Mile Cave, Idaho – Here are monsters

“The rich,” writes Michael Olmert, a professor at the University of Maryland, “have a tremendous influence on history.” Where they live and the things they own “dominate what we know about the past simply because good things last longer than the vernacular and the ephemeral,” he writes in his book “Milton’s Teeth and Ovid’s Umbrella.” “Graffiti defeats that with a […]

Home Buyers Guide

Question: Where can you find a good home buyer’s guide? Answer: At your fingertips. Before the advent of the Internet World Wide Web, real estate magazines and the yellow pages of the phone book were useful tools for home buyers. Even now that the internet is more popular, you can still check them out because they are not extinct yet […]

Rooftop ice dams: the permanent solution

Almost everyone here in New England knows why ice dam leak occurs, so I won’t go into detail about the anatomy of an ice dam leak. However, let me give you, reader, a brief summary to jog your memory. Snow accumulates on the roof. The exterior wall of the house at the eaves loses heat, usually due to poor insulation. […]

2018-Best Time to Invest in Kolkata Real Estate

Kolkata’s streets have undergone a gradual change with each passing day, where old structures were replaced by modern buildings supported by other infrastructure development. Today, the city, in addition to being recognized for its culture and architecture, has become an IT hub that includes the business and financial sectors. With the city’s growing population (around 14.8 million) and an optimal […]

NAR – For sale by owner – "FEAR TACTICS"

Don’t sell your FSBO house – you’ll be robbed, raped, or God forbid – worse. The NAR has been promoting this fear for years. Here is a direct quote from a “Realtor” Ezine article (note that the author refers to himself as an “experienced real estate broker”) titled “NAR (r) Broker Will Swear It – Real Pro ‘ Agents Share […]

An easy way to double $ 400

By merging between the apparent and the abstract, the typical result of an investment should be a profit. In this industry, you can really make a big fortune with a few well-placed investments, but which ones? Of course, the stock market is fair standard and putting money in some of the blue chips is a relatively profitable place to hold […]

Top 10 renovation tips

Having completed a renovation in Albury, on behalf of a client who lived remotely, they needed someone to manage the process for them. I thought it was a good time to reflect and give some advice to all aspiring renovators who want to tackle it on their own. 1. Start with the end in mind What I mean is that […]