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Funeral Homes: What Can They Do For You?

A funeral home is a business that offers a variety of funeral and burial services aimed at helping families dispose of the remains of their loved ones in any way they choose. There are a considerable number of goods and services offered by a funeral home, but not all of them will be selected by individual families. Each family is unique, each death is unique, and therefore each funeral service is unique. The type of goods and services chosen by the family will also be unique, depending on the wishes of the family and/or the deceased. Families can customize the funeral service to their needs, choosing from a range of services that best honor the memory of their loved one.

The death of a loved one is a difficult time for families, and many people are unsure about the funeral planning process. Typically, the family will work closely with a funeral director, who will ensure that their loved one’s funeral services are planned according to their wishes. The funeral director can help you choose the best services to honor your loved one in the most solemn, memorable and dignified way possible. Below are some of the many services available at most funeral homes:

Recovery and Embalming of the Body: The funeral home is responsible for removing the corpse from the place of death (hospital, home, nursing home, etc.) and transporting it to the funeral home. It is at the funeral home where the body will be prepared for its proper disposition. The funeral director will explain all available options to the family and help them make the right decisions for their loved one, including whether there will be a display of the body or whether the body will be embalmed prior to burial. If the body is to be cremated, the funeral home is responsible for transporting the body to the crematory, if they do not operate on site, and for retrieving the remains after the procedure.

Preparation and Handling of the Body: Funeral home staff are responsible for handling the body with the utmost dignity and respect at all times while preparing your loved one for funeral. This includes not only washing and embalming the body, but also preparing it for viewing. The funeral home staff will perform services such as dressing the body, combing the hair, making it look like the real thing, and placing the body inside the casket for viewing and burial. The family must be sure that the deceased person will be treated with the utmost care and respect during this process.

Processing of Procedures: Documentation about the death of a loved one can be overwhelming for bereaved family members. Death certificates, special permits, and authorizations are just some of the paperwork that must be completed and filed for the deceased. The funeral director will collect information from the family to prepare the necessary paperwork and will ensure that all paperwork is properly completed and filed with the proper authorities. Because many family members may want a copy of a death certificate, the funeral home must ensure the correct number of certified copies of the death certificate to provide to requesting parties. It is also the responsibility of the funeral home to broadcast obituaries to newspapers and other media so that family members, colleagues, and friends of the deceased are aware of the planned funeral service.

Funeral planning and concierge services: The funeral director will help the family decide the details of the funeral service and will ensure that all funeral details are carried out according to the wishes of the family. This includes arrangements as to where the funeral will be held, where the memorial service will be held, and whether the body or cremated remains will be buried, scattered, or disposed of by some other method. The funeral home will also help the family order flowers needed during the service, the casket or urn to house their loved one, and other arrangements for the funeral service. Most funeral homes also offer a car service to pick up family members at the airport and a concierge service to make hotel and restaurant reservations for incoming family members.

Funeral homes provide a variety of services that can help a grieving family make the right decisions when planning their loved one’s funeral. It is important that funeral directors and staff offer compassionate care and understanding to the bereaved family.

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