Groomsmen Gift Jars for a Successful Wedding

In the case of a wedding, the blushing bride is always the main focus. Everyone wants to make sure she has the right dress, the right shoes, the right flowers, the right place, everything she needs for her big day. It is often assumed that the groom simply goes about her daily routine without being involved in the preparation, as long as she shells out the money when necessary and shows up at the altar on time. On the contrary.

the scorned boyfriend

Contrary to popular belief, the groom is just as stressed as the bride, probably even more. After all, the prospect of starting a family that he will have to support is nothing short of daunting, which is precisely why most men avoid marriage. Unlike the frantically blushing bride, the groom simply handles the pressure in a different way: by seeking refuge with his closest friends, the groomsmen.

The jilted groomsman

Although most groomsmen will inevitably try to talk the groom out of attending the wedding, they are actually still quite willing to be by his side while he is having it. For the single groomsman, it’s painful to see a close friend chained to the ball and chain of marriage. It’s almost like leaving them jilted, so they should at least be repaid with a small token of appreciation for the loss of their friend, perhaps in the form of gift flasks for the groomsmen.

The perfect consolation prize

Groomsmen gift jars are symbols of friendship that would endure marriage, divorce, and alimony. Ideally, groomsmen gift jars should be given to the groomsmen before the wedding, often at the bachelor party. Although no one would admit it, groomsmen gift jars come in handy during the wedding. Since then, a surreptitious sip of alcohol from a nondescript flask has helped many a groomsmen get through their friends’ wedding. In fact, it has been found that groomsmen stay at peace better if they keep one of those groomsmen gift jars on hand.

the true friends

As the ceremony ends and the revelry continues, the groom slowly says goodbye to being single and hello to being a husband. Groomsmen can sense that, and they know exactly when to let their friend go. Being the true friends that they are, they will try to make the wedding party as successful as possible. Groomsmen give away flasks in hand, groomsmen are the life of the party, taking turns dancing with the kids, the old ladies, and of course the bridesmaids. Her support for her friend, the boyfriend, is unwavering. In fact, a man will know who his true friends are by making them groomsmen.

The legacy for life

When the wedding is over, the groomsmen often mourn the loss of a friend. Groomsmen gift jars often serve as a reminder that your friend just got married and isn’t lost at all. The jars are a monument of what true friendship endures together. And if the divorce happens, the groom will always know who to turn to. Groomsmen give away jars in hand, they will help their friend get through it all.

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