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How Hotels Can Cope With The Airbnb Generation Through Information Outsourcing

Shared services are disruptive innovations. The emergence of the sharing economy may have been favorable to most of today’s consumers, but affected industries view these developments as enemies of economic growth. These inadvertently drive the demise of their traditional counterparts.

Only a few have started to reinvent themselves to play alongside the game that their modern competitor has been winning. According to the hotels, Airbnb is not just an enemy, but the technology that has yet to adapt.

The painful impact

Airbnb was now regarded as the largest peer-to-peer hospitality service since its inception in 2008. This platform has been doing old things by testing new ways. The utilization of digital technology and social media in the marketplace provided a holistic user experience regarding consumer choices. It has not been conclusive whether Airbnb actually caused the disinflation of hotel bookings, but Airbnb’s expanding industry is undeniable in its own extent.

In addition to moving people to spaces away from establishments, his recent campaign on “living like a local” was a trend among millennial travelers. Airbnb has also established its online reputation system where previous guests can leave a rating and review.

Intimate and personal

At the very least, learn from your toughest competitor.

Personalizing the experience has been the trend among tenants of the generation, millennials. However, hotels need staff they can talk to 24/7 and who are responsible for their entire hotel experience.

Information outsourcing equips industries with the kind of technology to complement this need. In addition to better quality personalized services, hotels will also feature advertising campaigns and marketing designs. Tech workers could also provide hotels with specific programs and applications, organize their logistics, and even manage their internal processes. Hiring highly qualified staff from the solutions team is not so risky but profitable as it will greatly improve your services.

Equipped with your own technology department, you can now easily outsource direct services like laundry, cleaning, restaurant, janitorial, and even emergency issues. It can also cover reservations, technical support, customer service, airport transfers and much more. This may also include ancillary services such as access to airline reservations, travel agents, tourist offices, public transportation, or car rentals.

The hotel industry has been moving towards higher degrees of process automation. Hiring tech talent in hospitality would be a huge leap in taking advantage of the game and reclaiming territory for its rightful owner.

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