Is it worth making the big move from BlackBerry to iPhone 4?

Making the big switch from BlackBerry to iPhone was not easy for me. The thought of getting a touchscreen phone was daunting, I’ve heard stories about people’s screens piling up on their phones. So here I am thinking that having a touch screen phone without the touch is not the way to go.

So about 2 years ago I opted out of buying an iPhone or any touch screen phone and got the BlackBerry Bold 9000.

Fast forward to today: I love my BlackBerry Bold. Yes, it’s big, wide, and the camera isn’t the best, but I found it to be ideal for me in every way, and here’s why:


It’s solid, which meant I didn’t have to worry about being ‘brittle’ about it. I could throw it away a bit and not worry too much. The leather back cover was very sleek and had a slippery feel that felt good in my hands. The overall build and style of this model made other BlackBerrys look cheap and plastic.

Communication on the go

I’m always on the go, so with this device I can use email and BlackBerry Messenger to instantly connect with friends, family, and business clients. For socializing I had the Twitter and Facebook apps, as well as the ‘normal’ phone call and SMS/MMS.


Running my own business, the calendar was perfect for me to organize my time, which believe me I use religiously.

Full QWERTY keyboard

This is where the BlackBerry gets its main ‘Brukey bonus points’. The full qwerty keyboard is easy to use and in no time can turn even the most clumsy typist into a hypertext typing maniac. The buttons are slightly larger on this model compared to other BlackBerrys, which makes a difference.

As soon as my contract was up, I was happy to keep my BlackBerry Bold and carry on, but my friend Jmwob was always talking about how his iPhone “changed his life” and that it can do this and that, and how he just downloaded this new app. that can… (this is where I stopped listening and turned off) but you get the portrait.

I had to see what the fuss was about and if it lived up to the hype. So I bit the bullet for breakfast and ordered it. I ordered the iPhone 4. The Big Daddy.

As soon as I received the delivery, I was thrilled and amazed at the box and packaging alone. The little details on the packaging illustrate the perfect detail and effort put into this product: it wasn’t just another phone thrown into a box with a charger, I felt like I had just bought part of the brand and was in for an experience. .

Wasting no time, I registered the new micro SIM, the phone charged and worked, which was as easy as counting to 3 (I only have 3 fingers)


Upon powering up the phone, I was instantly impressed with the clarity and quality of the display. The screen is clearer than my TV, really amazing; is the first thing you notice. Apple has definitely raised the bar by having this. Simply writing a text message or surfing the web is an HD experience.

Touch screen

Ok, I said I didn’t like touch screens, but this one is different. The touch sensitivity of this phone responds very well to every movement of your fingers. It’s the best touchscreen out there and it’s hard not to love how easy it makes things.


The phone looks elegant. It’s certainly thinner, lighter and flatter than the BlackBerry Bold and still has a quality feel about it. However, I’m not going to throw this out in a hurry.

complete ease

The Apple iPhone 4 goes to great lengths to make sure you don’t overwork yourself. It makes things so easy: Browse the Internet, YouTube, play games, whatever you want.

For example:

If you own a BlackBerry, you know you have the ability to access YouTube, but what a headache it is to load the browser, load YouTube, load the video, stream/buffer it, and wait. The same experience is incredibly easier and faster on iPhone 4 with many more options available. Literally one tap and you’re on the YouTube landing page. Another tap, you’re playing a video: As soon as you load the movie you want, it’s playing. Without wasting time. No streaming or buffering (depending on your signal etc.) It just makes the whole experience less effort and so much more enjoyable that you will come back and do it more often. Let’s put it this way, it’s so easy to use that even someone who is not tech-savvy or older generation can use it.


When they say it’s another world of apps, it really is. Each comes with a full descriptive summary, reviews, ratings, and a report option. There is something for almost everything and everyone. Apps allow you to transform your phone into a comic book, a novel, a game machine, a laptop or anything else available. You will never get bored.

face to face

The first time I tried Facetime, the whole experience felt awesome and weird at the same time. The fact that you are talking and you see someone moving is fantastic. I was talking to my friend Smwob and showing him around my house! Incredible.

The strength of your Wi-Fi will determine the lag and clarity of the experience, but when I did, the screen was crystal clear and there was no lag when talking to my friend on the other side of town. Seriously mind-boggling – a small sign of future technology to come.

general thoughts

So for now, the BlackBerry is packed in its box and I’m waiting for Apple to send me my free iPhone case. I know others may have had different experiences, this is just my personal experience and what I went through when switching from Bold to iPhone.

So did I regret subscribing to the iPhone 4? Not until now. In 24 months my views may be different and I’m sure there are many more things to discover, good and bad, like getting used to the touch keyboard, but I know one thing, I’ll have a good time. while it’s done. This is just the beginning of the journey. Keep an eye out for another post coming soon and see how I get on.

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