General sports trivia

As sports fans, we spend a lot of time enjoying our favorite hobbies. We sit with friends in bars, living rooms, or sports venues to talk about the teams, players, and highlights. Here are some fun sports facts and snippets of general sports trivia to add to the next conversation. FOOTBALL Ticket prices for the first Super Bowl in 1967 […]

Family holidays in Sri Lanka

A great way to enjoy the best family holiday in Sri Lanka is to combine a stay in a fairly simple but very comfortable guest house that offers loads of interesting activities, with a high tea experience followed by wildlife viewing at Yala, and finally ending in a beautiful beach along the south coast. A number of wonderful guest houses […]

Part Two: Will China’s Coalbed Methane Projects Make a New Energy Billionaire?

Green Dragon CBM Concessions While Green Dragon Gas has been blessed with the first production sharing contracts it negotiated through Greka Energy, which offer the hope of several trillion cubic feet of coal bed methane gas, there could be serious obstacles to extracting the gas. methane. In a May 2006 research report, the underwriters warned that GDG “faces a combination […]

Portable LED Signs – Go Ahead and Light Up

Have you seen that big t-shirt that lights up in front of your face and looks like a little movie? That is portable signs And they are getting more popular every day! This technology is called EL technology, which is a portable led sign and works on a series of complicated electrically charged paints. We will cover The in our […]

Tips for Listing Jeans on eBay

Start making money now on eBay Clothing is a great item to sell on eBay. Every day, regular people make a quick buck buying and selling top clothing brands on eBay. Start with brands you are already familiar with. Let’s take American Eagle for our listing example. You have a pair of his skinny jeans in excellent condition that you […]

Fun ideas for children’s birthday parties

Do you want to organize a great birthday party without much stress? Now your son can have a wonderful birthday if he follows these tips. Timing is everything. A children’s birthday party can be as simple or as complicated as you want. If you’d rather not go through the fuss of serving a meal, schedule your party to start just […]