How Are Porsche Car Seats Tested For Durability?

Porsche Car Seats Tested For Durability

Porsche child seats are designed to fit perfectly in your Porsche and provide your kids with the safest possible ride. These exclusive child seats, in iconic motorsport colors, allow your family to fully enjoy the dynamic image of your Porsche and let you spend more time with your kids while you’re driving. Explore the selection of world-class child seats in our Porsche Shop and discover the perfect model for your needs.

Car seats can be a real pain to install properly, especially in cars with a narrow rear bench. Good Housekeeping put a lot of thought into the best car seat to buy for your car, and then sat down with the instruction manual and worked through every step of the process. The team was careful to follow the manufacturer’s directions exactly, which is an important part of making sure that your child will be secure in the event of a crash.

In the end, they tested eight different models in cars and SUVs of varying sizes and configurations, and only one of them didn’t fit properly. That particular problem was caused by a lack of space in the vehicle’s front seat, which meant that the female part of the Buy Porsche car seats was in an incorrect position and couldn’t be tightened.

How Are Porsche Car Seats Tested For Durability?

This type of error is not uncommon, but it’s not a great way to ensure that your child will be secure in the event that you get into a crash. That’s why we use the LS-DYNA system at CHOP to simulate real-world, in-vehicle scenarios that may cause injury or seat belt failure.

The LS-DYNA system uses computer models of the child seat and vehicle seats/test benches to replicate human body anthropometries and other relevant factors. The models are then thrown into different crash simulations to determine how well they perform in the scenario under consideration.

The results are not only used to assess injury and restraint performance but also to look for ways to improve the seat itself, including things like improving ease of installation. The Porsche Junior Plus Seat ISOFIT, which is available in the 2022 Macan, is a good example. This ISOFIX-compatible seat uses extendable arms that slot into compatible points on your car’s rear seat bases and connect to the child seat with a comforting click.

Porsche has an illustrious racing heritage, and this legacy is often reflected in the design and construction of their car seats. Many Porsche car seats draw inspiration from racing seats, incorporating elements like bucket seat contours and harness pass-throughs. This not only adds a touch of motorsport heritage to your daily drives but also ensures that the seats are designed with performance and safety in mind. It’s a subtle reminder that every Porsche on the road has a bit of racing DNA within it.

It’s a lot easier to connect and disconnect a child seat with Isofix than it is with a regular seatbelt, which can be a real struggle in the back of a car. In addition, Isofix helps to keep the child seat stable during a side impact and allows for less movement in a head-on collision. This can be particularly important for young children who have more difficulty maintaining an upright position when they’re injured.

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