Three Ways to Use a Garland Decoration

Use a Garland Decoration

A strand of garland is a timeless, versatile decoration, sprucing up any room. It can be simple and natural (as in evergreen branches, ribbons, pine cones, and dried flowers) or a little more decorative, with an element like metallic wire, vintage beads, brass hardware, or heavyweight paper. It can even take a detour around expected forms: hung as curtain tiebacks, woven into table runners, or fashioned as a festive doorway swag. It’s no wonder, then, that it’s one of the most popular holiday decorations — even when it doesn’t exactly match the season.

We’ve gathered ideas for dressing up garland decoration that take the classics in surprising directions, from fresh fruit and veggies to paper flowers, pom-poms, and old-fashioned candy. The beauty of these ideas is that you can find plenty of ingredients to work with at your local grocery store and craft supply store. They’re perfect for a rustic, farmhouse, or shabby chic decor style.

This sweet alternative to the usual ribbons and pinecones adorning evergreen boughs looks especially beautiful in a kitchen, where long, flowing strands of festivity look like a welcoming invitation to a home-cooked meal. This easy garland is a great family activity, too, and can be customized with any colors the kids like. You’ll need six 2-inch and six 1-inch felt circles layered together with their bottoms aligned, then pinched at the center to form petals. Run a threaded needle through the four layers, then knot the ends. String the finished flowers together on a piece of twine to create a swag.

Three Ways to Use a Garland Decoration

You can use any kind of evergreen for this easy-to-make garland, but we love the idea of choosing one that complements your front door color (or the colors in your house). Add a swag around the door frame to create a welcoming welcome mat. Then, continue the garland up and along your stair banister to keep holiday guests in a good mood throughout their journey into your home.

This pretty garland is easy enough to let the kids help with and teaches them a bit about geometry while they’re at it. The best part is, the materials are readily available at the dollar store or in your recycling bin, so it’s a budget-friendly way to make your home feel cheerful for a holiday party.

These DIY lanterns from Postcards From the Ridge are a festive alternative to the traditional battery-operated bulbs in a chain. Plus, the kids will have a blast creating them with their favorite scrapbooking supplies and embellishments. You probably have a stack of these at the home improvement store, and they don’t have to end up in the trash. This fun garland project from Alice and Lois makes the most of those colorful pieces with some clever cutting and a handful of Baker’s twine or string.

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